Batwoman, the true loner

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So Batman is famous for being "the loner" but in all fairness when we look at the bat titles its clear that its Batwoman. So do you guys think she'll ever join up with the Bat family, or do you even think she should?

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I don't think that I want Batwoman to really partner up with members of the Bat family very often but I think it'd be cool if she were included more in the events the other Gotham heroes. are involved in. The Night of Owls arc, for example, was a perfect time for Batman to call Kate to take down an owl but she wasn't included

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Eventually she should join the gang but not now.

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She needs to avoid them. She'd deliciously different and I don't want her to be another flavor of bat-clone. Keep her on the other side of Gotham, with Question and other non-Bat gothamites.

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I'm happy with her flying solo from the rest of the Bat Family for now. I'm really looking forward to reading her team up with Wonder Woman though. My two favourite heroes kicking ass together.

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I want to see a mini event where batwoman has to battle the entire batfamily.Of course, she can never beat them all at once, she'll get them one by one.She isn't mind controlled or deceived.she's doing this in order to save the bat family though. A prophecy was given to her and she has to defeat a dragon which will destroy Gotham and The bat family who will try to fight the dragon will die.Only she can defeat them because of her mystical properties(given to her by WW in the team up issue).

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I think it's maybe best if she's not too closely associated with the Bat-Family, which I hear was the plan for the Hydrology/To Drown The World/Worlds Finest saga, to form her own identity without being too much like Batman, hence the sparing use of Batmans' rogues gallery I think Killer Croc is the only Batman villain that's been involved.

Who knows? Maybe she'll build up her own Bat-Family in the coming years.

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