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The woman behind the mask of Batwoman 0

Back in 2006, when the news got out that Batwoman was a lesbian, critics were mostly outraged of the idea. I never had the time to check out the issues she star in back then, but with Detective comics recently, I finally got my chance. I don't really read Detective Comics often, even though it has Batman in it. Because of Bruce Wayne's apparent death, Batman Reborn have been shifting the Batman titles at some time. With Detective Comics, Kate Kane aka Batwoman star in issues 854-860. Now thos...

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The Ironic Elegy. 0

Elegy:  according to –noun, plural -gies. 1. a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem, esp. a funeral song or a lament for the dead. 2. a poem written in elegiac meter. 3. a sad or mournful musical composition.   This story is both an Elegy to a certain person in Kate Kane's (Batwoman's) life and a beautiful statement on how a comic should be created.  The sadness in this story brings us close...

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Dark, Tasteful Story ! 0

  First Impressions: This hardcover collection by DC Comics of Detective issues 854-860 attracted me for several reasons.   Batwoman, Kathy Kane, has been out of circuulation for a few decades.   She was originally created in response to Dr. Wertham's (Seduction of the Innocent, a treatise on the "evils" of comic books and its supposed influence on juvenile delinquency in the paranoid 1950s) assertion that Batman and Robin were gay.   Kane in those Golden Age stories was a character who kept...

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A Comic Masterpiece 0

The Story: Batwoman comes face to face with a new villain named Alice who is part of the Religion Of Crime.  My Thoughts:I recently read the DC Comics event 52 which marked the first appearance of Batwoman. I instantly fell in love with her character in that series and was eager to read more about her. It was easy to see she wan't your typical female superhero character. I knew there was more than what meets the eyes and I sure wasn't wrong about that. Greg Rucka is by far one of my favorite com...

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Better Than Batman! 0

This is by far one of the best Batman titles that doesn't include Batman as the title character. I'm not much of a reader of Batman, but I have been very interested in Batwoman since I read the 52 series back in 2006. The story line itself is much better then when 52 presented her for the first time. I really like how Rucka focused more on her homosexuality and making her an identical twin too (since I'm a twin myself). However, what blew me away the most was the artwork. Williams really focuses...

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Elegy Review 0

I'm going to keep this shortArt: Amazing, J.H Williams III is one best artists working on comics today, his art and layouts are amazing.Writing: The writing is just as good as the art, I found Kate kane and her father to be very interesting, the story was very enjoyable, I liked Alice as a villain and Kate backstory was really well done.Overall: This is one of the books that I read once month because it's so good and its definitely worth a buy....

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It was definately pretty... 0

J.H Williams, you are amazing, but even you still have areas to improve on.Being a virtual stranger to the world of Batman, how would I sum up this collection?Pretty.The writing was pleasant, yes, but it wasn't anything incredible, if I may say so. The story itself was interesting in concept but felt kind of jumbled in places and seemed somehow disconnected. The plot twist felt a little like a last-minute addition and therefore didn't impact me as much as it should have.Oh, but it was really, re...

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Unbelievably Mind Blowing 0

NO SPOILERS REVIEW!!I just do not have words to describe this comic novel. I may need too much words to put forth my review about this book.. but then I do not want to spoil anything for the readers. So let me try....StoryAmazingly written and I am not surprised one bit getting such a brilliant story telling coming from none other than Greg Rucka and perfectly carried in the illustration by J.H. Williams III. More on the art later below.The story is completely captivating. It just absorbs the re...

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