adamwarlock's Batwoman #8 - To Drown the World, Part Three review

Meh... can we have Williams back on art now please?

Two issues back, I was content with this book even without J.H. Williams on art, as fill-in artist Amy Reeder's work, while not on Williams' level, was still noteworthy. The book was remaining merely decent in the story department, and primarily worth picking up as an artistic showcase. Those 2 issues back, I was content.

Two issues later, things have changed. Word is out that Amy Reeder is leaving the book, and with that knowledge I can't help but notice that the art on this issue and the previous one... are nowhere near as pretty to look at as Reeder's first issue. It's like she's off to work on another book, so she's rushing her output on this issue. Series writer (plus past, and presumably future artist) J.H. Williams is still new to writing, and the story here is just OK; though overcomplicated. The character development is just so-so. If Williams were to never return to art on this book, its quality level and status as a monthly title truly worth your hard-earned dollar (three of them to be exact) would now be in serious danger.

With Williams on art in the first five issues, the book's look was a full 10. Best looking monthly comic on the shelves without question. With Amy Reeder's first issue, the level dropped to a strong 7, maybe even an 8. Good enough to keep buying the book even if the story itself was just so-so and the knowledge that there would be more Williams art later. With this issue and the one prior... Reeder has failed to live up to her initial promise and we now have a really generic looking book. I'm begrudgingly picking this book up through to this storyline wrapping up in 3 more issues, and at that point, if Williams still isn't back on art... we'll see.


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