adamwarlock's Batwoman #6 - To Drown the World, Part One review

Not a complete loss W/O Williams on art!

Let's be honest: "Batwoman" has, up to now, been sold primarily on the strength of J.H. Williams' art, and the strength of the previous run of "Batwoman", which was written by Greg Rucka. Up to now, this relaunch has had the same BEAUTIFUL art from the prior volume, but as far as writing is concerned, the book hasn't felt anywhere near as strong as a whole as it did when Rucka was writing. Granted, Rucka's shoes are difficult ones to fill. So yeah, up to now this series had been merely decent in the actual story department, and mostly worth picking up for the stunning art (quite possibly the very best of any monthly title on the racks today). It's left me wondering if the book would be able to stand on Williams (and Blackman) merely providing the words while Williams takes a breather from art for a few issues. And here we are.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find that the title is still decent. Reserve artist Amy Reeder's work is genuinely powerful. She has the unenviable position of following after J.H. Williams, so in that regard the art is a disappointment. Following practically anybody else, however, it would be a revelation! This book is in entirely capable artistic hands when Williams needs time to catch up on art for his next arc as series artist.

As for the writing... it is still decent but nothing spectacular. It is, however, impressively good when you consider that Williams is a fledgling writer, and other artists-turned-writers on DC's New 52 haven't fared anywhere near as well. This series is still largely an artistic showcase, but Williams (and Blackman) provide a solid enough story to make it worth picking up in the space between Williams' arcs as illustrator. If he sticks with this title for a lengthy run, he's absolutely got potential to grow as a writer. He's SUCH a good artist, however, that I don't quite think he'll ever be able to write as well as he draws. If he only ever gets half as good in writing as he is at illustrating, however, this book is in good shape.

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