delphic's Batwoman #4 - Hydrology, Part 4: Estuary review

Picturesque Emotion

I was completely blown away by this issue. The issue separates off into two separate plots: One involving Kate's romance with Maggie and her investigation into the weeping woman, and the other involving Bette's defeat at the hands of an unknown assailant and her capture by Cameron. The thing I have loved most about this series is it's art, because J.H. Williams III can convey so much emotion without having to use captions, and this issue is the perfect example of his ability in doing that. The imagery of one scene still makes a shiver run up my spine when I look at Bette curled up in the snow trying to keep her guts from falling out while in the adjacent panel we see Kate climax in a moment of passion. The expressions of lifelessness, guilt, and regret on Bette's face are one of the most memorable things about this issue. I'm finding this series to be one of the better bat books in the new 52, and this story is really fascinating. To understand what's going on in this issue though you need to have the the three previous ones, and that is really it's only fault.


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    Synopsis: Flamebird returns to get a rude awaking. Meanwhile, Kate renews herself and ready herself to solve the Weeping Woman case.What's Good?I'm going to try something new and just talk about how J.H Williams tells Haden Blackman's story with this issue artistically.Like I wrote before, If you haven't noticed by now, besides Blackman's brilliant storytelling, it's Williams' artwork that steals the show, and with this issue, it's just breathtaking. Each page, each panel is just creative. There...

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