sixsoda's Batwoman #4 - Hydrology, Part 4: Estuary review

Hey tiny thongs

I did not realize this till I read it again for the review but this book dose justice to the 100% splash page design. If you look it over all the adds are in the back and that works out well. I want to paint this book on my walls. I go on and on about the art work a lot but this book is just so beautiful the lines the colors the strange and oftentimes otherworldly concepts are displayed in such beautiful brush strokes. It is a crime if you are not reading this book. It shows that not all superheros are invincible and every action has it's conciseness. We see what happens to flame bird when she dosen't listen to the big bat.

The Good

This book has a lot going for it and I know you can't jump on now just try to find the first 3 issues you will thank me fore it. It is really hard to get new villians going a book and this accomplishes it very very well. I know why the we woman weeps. At times however it can be light hearten and that let's up from the book being too tragic.

The Bad

You can not jump on in the story at this issue or you will be lost lost lost. It also toughes on alot of mature subjects and might be worth an A not really a T+ but I don't know what kids are like now days i'm 20 after all.




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    I want to dislike Batwoman, I really do. Frankly I think the Bat-family has gotten way too big. But there's a reason I keep picking this comic up, while avoiding others such as Batwing with a 10' pole. This series is well done. The plot is way too complex by issue #4 to summarize here, and won't make sense if you haven't been following the book up to this point, so I'm not going to try. What I will say is that the series is both well written and well illustrated. While (aside from perhaps having...

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