matkrenz's Batwoman #2 - Hydrology, Part 2: Infiltrator review

But the dumb girl never drowns.

Review for Batwoman #2.

The Story: Kate and Bette fight some crooks and talk about Batman Inc. Agent Chase talks to Maggie Sawyer about contacting her if she sees Batwoman. They see a huge crime scene between a new gang and The Religion of Crime. The Water Lady claims another victim.

The Good: The art continues to be amazing. As everybody noticed with J.H. art is that he draws the costume scene's and the non-costume scene's differently and what I love seeing is both of those style's in a same scene, this showed very well when Chase came to talk to Maggie about Batwoman and it shows the difference between the two. Chase is much darker and seems somewhat cynical, while Maggie is much brighter seeing she comes from Metropolis. A theme also explored in Gotham Central. Still liking the little subplot of Kane wanting Bette to focus on being a vigilante, it seems like Kane sees her time on the Teen Titans made her not worry to pull her weight and let the more experienced people do the work. We get to see some more of Kane and Maggie relationship and Maggie being an awesome detective.

The Bad: We don't see much of the Weeping Woman. I get they couldn't rewrite everything because they would need to redo the art but they have Batman Inc in here. That will confuse the living crap out of new readers.

The Bad: This doesn't really continue the mystery of the Weeping Woman but we do get to see more seeds planted with Agent Chase, Bette and Kane and Maggie's relationship. Also the art is gorgeous but you knew that already. This is a buy.


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