drreneninja's Batwoman #17 - World's Finest, Part V: Mercy review

Batwoman #17 Review


Wow. Williams and Blackman hit another homerun in their volume of Batwoman with this issue!

Let me start of with my only complaint: the climax is a bit anti-climatic for a massive arc that spanned 17 issues.

Know, let me praise the rest of this awesome comic! Blackman and Williams III have been writing a masterful Batwoman. With their narration, we really get inside Batwoman's head, and are really able to understand her thoughts and feel what she perceives; the narration feels like a lens with which we can view ourselves as Batwoman. They've written a great comic here, and I really like Hawkfire alot, and was rooting for her throughout her fight in this issue. Slowly but surely, Batwoman in this volume is becoming an increasingly likable character, less aloof and brooding like Batman, and more human and real. Kate is starting to feel more like a Batman, if he had more of a soul.

The art is simply breathtaking. Honestly, this is DC's best looking comic. Actually, this is mainstream comics best looking comic. He's able to convey such psychedelic, action-packed imagery into each and every one of his panels that is simply marvelous. His characters always look stunning, especially with his excellent ability to render costumes (Hawkfire looks great in her new costume!). Williams' art deserves all the praise I can give, and I thoroughly admit that I already miss the fact that he won't be the artist for this series anymore.

Just to let you know, the last 5 pages are amazing. They generate several incredibly significant plot lines going forward. Simply stunning.

I really can't rate this issue, and this arc any higher. If you've been reading Batwoman up to this point, you'll definitely want to pick this issue up! A good conclusion to a great arc!


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