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Batwoman #17


This is my first ever review of Batwoman, as I have picked up this issue to get a little sneak peak of next month's new arc. I know that I have not read the whole arc, so the way I am judging this issue will be based on art, dialogue, and how the story moves from a point of conflict to its resolution. Needless to say that the cover alone could have won me over, but I am hearing great things from this title and I think it was about time I picked this up, but on to the review.


The art in this issue, and from what I have seen from peaking through past issues, has been astoundingly gorgeous. The background and environment are given such a psychedelic feel to them due to what Medusa has done, and I am just in love with it. Let's not forget how Williams draws his characters, and it is almost though he literally paints them. I barely see any lines but the details are just marvelous. Hawkfire's (formerly Flamebird) fight with The Hook was stupendous, and the layout of the page is just awesome. Ceto's emergence along with the panel where Abbot tries to finish off Medusa is very interesting and the way the colors and details blend make it look cinematic, and almost confusing. Then there is the page where Medusa is finally taken out of commission by Kate, and the way Williams fit it within a panel that had the Batwoman insignia was just so freaking awesome. I know that I am raving over this art, but there are certain panels and faces that I didn't particularly care for, so be easy on me for that, because I am just in love with this art. The last five pages though really ended this issue on such a high level, with Kate confronting Maggie and proposing and Alice being awaken by Mr. Bones, it is just really hard not to like this issue.


I remember when I first heard of the Wonder Woman team up with Batwoman and thought it was such a cool idea, because Greek mythology and mystical problems are right in her wheelhouse. Reading this, there is no one I thought who could be better suited for this other than Diana and Batwoman. They make a great team and I would love to see that acknowledged within Justice League or her own title. The way the dialogue was formatted within the art is so unique and really fits the mood and theme of this book. I have never seen another book do the the lettering the way this book does it, and I am very impressed. The fights were also really well done, though they way Kate finished off Medusa was really anti-climactic. I mean, who hasn't thought of that. I liked the exchange between Ceto and the group, and to see Diana suck it up and actually help the Mother of Monsters was pleasant to see. The ending though really stood out for me in particular, not only do we have Kate propose to Maggie, in her Batwoman costume (which I thought that Maggie already knew this but apparently not), was jsut really touching and great to see, but it is the final two pages that make me really excited. I started a forum called: Batman/Batwoman is it worth it? http://www.comicvine.com/batman/29-1699/batmanbatwoman-is-it-worth-it/92-751005/#22

In this forum I was suggested to read Batwoman Elegy, which featured none other than Alice herself, so I am really excited to see what happens next and to see how well it connects with the pre-new 52 story.


I fell in love with this series just from this one issue, and I am glad to be on board for the future of this series, even though Williams will not be doing the art forever, McCarthy is another favorite of mine so I doubt I will be disappointed. A few hiccups here and there, but I am not a huge expert on this arc, so pardon me by saying that I really enjoyed the issue though I am not sure what it means to the rest of the series as a whole. I am looking forward to fixing that with the start of this new arc. Til then happy readings. :p

STORY: 4/5

ART: 5/5 (if it could be a 6, I would do it in a heartbeat)

SCORE: 4.5/5

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