jonesdeini's Batwoman #1 - Hydrology, Part 1: Leaching review

She Whom Haunts the Night.

Batwoman investigates a mysterious rash of seemingly, mystical kidnappings taking place in Gotham.

The Good

There's not much I can say about Williams' art on this book that hasn't already been said so I'll keep this section brief. This book is absolutely gorgeous and easily the best looking book on the market, at any company, point blank period! The layouts, coloring, line work...all of it is absolutely gorgeous. It's really not fair that this book get's both Williams and Amy Reeder.

I'm totally new to Batwoman as a reader and didn't feel at all lost jumping into this. I like that this issue starts in the thick of things and just immersed me into Kate Kane's world (both her civilian identity and as Batwoman). As a longtime reader of comics I found myself a bit annoyed at how some books in the DCnU have been holding readers hands. Williams and Blackman strike the perfect balance of show and tell in this book. A fine example of this is during Kate's confrontation with her father towards the end of the issue. Another is Kate's reaction to the photo of Montoya, which was quite well handled.

It's nice to see a mainstream book legitimately dedicated to telling a story which can connect to it's diverse readership. The antagonist in this story La Llorona immediately caught my interest. I even went and look up the traditional folk tale which inspired the characters and I gotta say they handle the source material quite accurately in this issue.

I loved that La Llorona's design is based upon the Three, which has a rich history in the DCU, most notably in Neil Gaiman's landmark Sandman series.

My biggest concern with reading this book was that it would be She Bruce battling She Joker. I can happily say that Kate Kane is her own unique character who operates with minimal ties to the Bat Family and I hope that remains the case. Kate's world seems to be more linked to the supernatural aspects of Gotham and that's a very refreshing approach. While many times in his past Batman has walked in that world, the character never stays there very long so Kate should always have her own niche in the Batfamily of books.

I'm not familiar with Agent Chase or Director Bones but they, and the DEO, are elements I like and I'm optimistic about their future involvement in the title.

I always love seeing the reaction of the G.C.P.D. to the crimes in stories and the two page spread with Detective Sawyer and Gordon didn't disappoint in the least, especially visually.

Kate's confrontation with her father was a good way to organically catch new readers up on the events of Elegy.

The appearance of Bruce on the final page has me definitely ready to come back for issue two.

The Bad

No excuse for bad Spanish (or any language) in comics this day and age. It's as easy as using a Google translator, people. I get what Williams/Blackman were going for, but you can't drop the ball like that. It takes a reader out of the story, especially if it's their native tongue.

The costume change scenes with Kate and Bette really irked me. I'm not a fan of cheesecake, and this felt like cheap fan service. William's is much too talented an artists for such bush league tactics.

The Verdict

Before I read Batwoman #1 all I knew about the character was that she was a lesbian, dated Montoya, was inexplicably pale and appeared in the issue of Batman And Robin which made me drop said book. Needless to say, I couldn't care a less about Kate Kane or her book (even with Greg Rucka writing and William's illustrating). With this single issue Williams and Blackman have won me over and I intently look forward to diving deeper into her unique corner of Gotham. That being said, for this new reader Batwoman is definitely a buy.

Posted by Silkcuts

IT IS great J3 gets to write the character again.
I never caught the poor Spanish, your native tongue is Spanish? 

Posted by JonesDeini

@Silkcuts said:

YOU HAVE TO READ CHASE! IT IS great J3 gets to write the character again. I never caught the poor Spanish, your native tongue is Spanish?

I'll have to look into that then. And nope, but I've studied it as well as Latin it's mother language. I also have a lot of Spanish speaking friends so it really stood out to me.

Posted by Silkcuts
@JonesDeini: Good for you glad you caught it.
I like how we compliment each other on view of a comic, you get stuff I miss.
such as the three
But then again you are the Gaiman fan you better catch
Posted by JonesDeini


Yeah If I missed that they'll come and take away my Sandman trades lol

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