harleyquinn12's Batwoman #0 - Beyond a Shadow review

Kate Kane is back, and better than ever!

I can not explain how much I loved this issue! When JH Williams was on Detective Comics, it was easily one of DC's best books, I like Rucka's story, but I came back every week for Williams's absolutley stunning artwork.  


The story itself is pretty simple, but it's defintley captivating. Bruce Wayne(yes, Bruce) is watching Kate Kane fight a group of thugs from the religion of crime. He creates a journal of sorts to record Kate's fighting styles. The pages spilt up, and we're presented with Kate's life as, well, Kate and she's visiting the Cemetery where her mother and sister are buried. Bruce watches suspiciously from the background, making a log of this as well. As Batwoman  continues to fight the thugs, Bruce, disguised as a beggar, watches Jake Kane drop money into his cup. Batwoman defeats the thugs, and goes after their leader Sister Shard. Kate is out partying at a nightclub. Bruce tries to follow her, in another disguise, but she runs away. We then get a susrise cameo from Flamebird! We learn Kate's reading habits, and while Batwoman seems beaten by Shard, she destroys's Shard's technology implants, and finally defeats her. kate has to defeat Bruce, disguised as a mugger. Her fighting styles coninside with Batwoman's, and Bruce figures out that Kate Kane is Batwoman. 

W Haden Blackmand and JH Williams co write this story. I remember the series Chase, from the mid 90s, was a great series, and was cowritten by Williams. This defintley hjolds true here, this was a fantastically laid out issue. W. Haden Blackman was also a good writer, I assume he wrote the dialogue while Williams coplotted. I one thing I love about thw writng was Bruce's constant disguises. He was determined to find out if Kate is Batwoman. This is really classic Bruce, so glad he's back! I really like the log Bruce keeps, at one point he comments on Batwoma's fighting styles by saying that he wouldn't of taken the criminals down the way she did. Little things made this issue great! 
The art by both Williams and Reeder is spectacular! Although they both bear some similarities, Reeder's style is more detailed, while Williams uses a more painting influenced style.
I'm a huge fan of Williams, from his stuff on Promethea, Seven Soldiers, and especiialy on Chase, I absolutley adore his work! It's just as great here!    I've gushed over JH Williams artowrk, but Amy Reeder is no slouch either! Her work is great, it's really detailed and textured, and love her facial expressions!
 Oh, and 5 stars!
Defintley pick this issue up! Plain and simple!

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