matkrenz's Batwoman #0 - Beyond a Shadow review

Sheeeee's back.

Issue 0 of the Batwoman series.Also I am changing my review format,I will only give a very brief summary of each issue. 
The Story :This issue is cut with 2 story's.One with Batman watching a fight between Batwoman who is trying to get a sarcophagus from the Religion of Crime and the other half is Bruce Wayne in different disguise's spying on Kate Kane to verify if she really is Batwoman. 
The Good :At first I was worried that Williams wouldn't be able to write a proper story but those are thrown out the window since he really give's the exposition about Kate very well and his art on the Batwoman half of the story is amazing as always.My favorite is when he was drawing Batman  his bit's were in black and white,I have no idea why he did that but it looked really cool.ALso Amy Reeder's art for the Kate Kane story was very good and draw's expression's very well. Also Bruce comment's on Kate were really nice and I can't wait until they actually meet in the ongoing.

The Bad :The ongoing start's in February.

The Verdict :This number 0 does everything right.It give's to those that know nothing of the character all that they need to know and to those that know all the information some set-up for the ongoing.And of course escellent art.This is a definite buy.


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