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Who is Batwoman? 0

 (This review and more comic-related fun can be found on you may recall, DC announced a few months ago that they were proceeding with a Batwoman on-going but without the guiding hand of Kate Kane’s original writer, Greg Rucka. The announced replacement writer? None other than the artist who created the beautiful look of Batwoman’s run in Detective Comics, J.H. Williams. If you missed that run on Detective, go get it! It’s collected in trades and, while a little o...

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Now I'm Excited for Issue #1 0

Out of the pages of Detective Comics, Batwoman is getting ready for her own series. J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman give us a taste of what's to come.  The Good Batwoman was always a character I wanted to like since she appeared in DC's 52. There was something about the stories in Detective Comics I couldn't get into even though I really admired Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III. With this issue #0, we get a great (re)introduction of who she is and see what she's capable of. With the retu...

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Batwoman Issue 0 0

I'll be honest, Batwoman was my favorite book of 2009, barely beating out Flash: Rebirth. And Flash is my favorite character, so that's saying something for me. Her book managed to take a fantastic character that had barely seen the light of day through 52, the Question, and Final Crisis, and elevated her to a status where people actually knew who she was. With breathtaking visuals and a strong story, nothing could beat it, no matter how hard they tried. That being said, I was clearly excited fo...

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Why ISN'T This a Batman Incorporated Tie-In? 0

The Good: J.H. Williams' art is GORGEOUS. It's downright amazing, and even managed to be fully dynamic. The action sequences are really cool. The balance in artwork between Batwoman and Kate Kane is a brilliant move, and it looks amazing. This is possibly one of the best uses of multiple artist in a single issue/story I've ever seen. The narration is excellent. Batman's analysis of Batwoman is an engaging exploration of her character. And seeing Batman in disguise in her daily life is interestin...

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If you never heard of Batwoman pick this up 0

Cover The cover is great art and it is just Batwoman Classic. Story Batman tracks Batwoman to see if she is a good hero. Batman thinks that Batwoman is Kate Kane. He spies on both of them. Kate visits a grave probably of a loved one. Kate is on the outs with her father but her father is trying to make their relationship better. Batman sees how she fights and she is doing everything right. Batman thinks she is a good hero but, wants to have a discussion about her future. Best Part The best part ...

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The Magic of Batwoman is back. 0

For those who are familiar with my reviews, I praised the arcs in Detective Comics featuring Batwoman.  The major chunk of her story that was written by Greg Rucka was collected in Batwoman: Elegy.  My review for that Deluxe Hardcover can be found Here.  Page 1 The Premise: This comic is that hiatus area, in which Batwoman looked like Greg Rucka was going to take her to new heights with Alice.  Greg Rucka would end up leaving DC Comics when Batwoman lost her ongoing ...

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Just plain BEAUTIFUL 0

After reading Batman & Robin #17 this week, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth with the Batman family. I am glad to say that this particular issue was so much better. JH WIlliams is pulling double duty with art and writing. While he does have to split hiw workload, this issue does not disappoint in any way. I love what Rucka laid down for Kate Kane in Elegy, but what took the cake was the artwork and the layout of each and every page. It's no different here. Pencils combine with ink and...

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Precision. 0

Batwoman #0 So basically this issue was Bruce spying on Kate Kane to see if she is Batwoman. He figures out her past and different things about her. The entire issue is in Bruce's point of view.  THE GOOD! If you have already read Batwoman then you know everything about her. This issue is basically a retelling of her story but from Bruce's point of view and the reason I liked that is because it felt refreshing with a little twist on it. Instead of it being Kate thinking to herself and everything...

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Sheeeee's back. 0

Issue 0 of the Batwoman series.Also I am changing my review format,I will only give a very brief summary of each issue.  The Story :This issue is cut with 2 story's.One with Batman watching a fight between Batwoman who is trying to get a sarcophagus from the Religion of Crime and the other half is Bruce Wayne in different disguise's spying on Kate Kane to verify if she really is Batwoman.  The Good :At first I was worried that Williams wouldn't be able to write a proper story but those are throw...

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A Mixed bag 0

 I am not sure how I feel about this. I mean its great to have another strong female character out there, and it definitely seems like female heroes are getting a big push in general, but there were just some really off putting things in this. Firstly: Batwomans art. The art everywhere else is fine, but when it comes to drawing Batwoman herself it just seems like one person did everything else while someone elses only task was to draw Batwoman, and because of that Batwoman and Kate look a...

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Bruce Wayne's perspective on Batwoman 0

Who is Kathy Kane aka Batwoman? Bruce looks deeper into the dark heroine.   Pros: I consider this issue to be another Bruce Wayne: The Road Home issue since this issue is about Bruce analyzing Kathy Kane: Batwoman, but without him being in that high tech suit. For those who haven't check out Batwoman: Elegy (really should, I definitely recommend it), this issue alone does provide background to introduce Kathy Kane to new readers. Although Greg Rucka is not on board with the series, J.H Willams, ...

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This Looks Like the Work of a Master 0

I think it's safe to say that there's nothing like Batwoman on the spinner racks. The art has been talked about frequently, but one cannot help but say that the art in this comic (as seen previously stylistically in Detective Comics) is one of the most beautiful things committed to our medium these days. It perfectly conveys a surreal, flowing, and melancholy atmosphere. The character though mute throughout this zero issue, is compelling. Why then did I deny this comic a star? Truth be told, I t...

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Kate Kane is back, and better than ever! 0

I can not explain how much I loved this issue! When JH Williams was on Detective Comics, it was easily one of DC's best books, I like Rucka's story, but I came back every week for Williams's absolutley stunning artwork.     Story The story itself is pretty simple, but it's defintley captivating. Bruce Wayne(yes, Bruce) is watching Kate Kane fight a group of thugs from the religion of crime. He creates a journal of sorts to record Kate's fighting styles. The pages spilt up, and we're presented wi...

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Earth Shatteringly AWESOME! 0

 J.H. Williams III has done it again. If you don't know what I mean by "again" please refer to Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams run in Detective Comics or read the collected trade entitled "Batwoman Elegy," trust me you won't regret it. The pencils done by Williams is truly stunning, in combination with Dave Stewart's coloring, the art is visually arresting. The story is well placed, as well as compact, but not too dense as to retract from the effectiveness of the story. As Batman attempts to uncove...

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"Solid precision." 0

100 Words Or LessBruce Wayne is on stakeout. Staking out Batwoman. Staking out Kate Kane. Putting the facts together to answer one question: Is Kate Kane Batwoman? Through several days and nights of watching Kate Kane and Batwoman from a distance and in the dark, Bruce is able to conclude his theory that "Kate Kane is Batwoman". So Then I Said...There's been a lot of praise for the Batwoman run in Detective Comics, so much that she now has her own ongoing. This issue serves as a prelude to the ...

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J.H. Williams keeping the greatness of Batwoman alive 0

It's great to see how J.H Williams III and Haden Blackman can continue with the tone set by Greg Rucka on his run of Detective Comics. In this issue #0 we can enjoy Batman's take on Kate Kane, while he follows her trying to verify that she is indeed Batwoman and more importantly if she really has the skills to be a superhero. Williams and Blackman do a great work using Batman to identify why Kate Kane alias Batwoman is such a strong and interesting character, so this issue really is a review on ...

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Full Price Promo Material 0

I'm pretty cynical when it comes to #0 issues. Usually they are pretty pointless. This one serves its purpose, giving us a great teaser story that is well written and well illustrated for the upcoming Batwoman series. It also includes some preview art from the first issue, and a Dick Grayson Detective Comics story, so you get a lot for your money.But that then begs the question - why are we expected to pay $2.99 for what is essentially a promo comic - half of which is being excerpted from other ...

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