gamergeek360's Batwing #5 - Like a Nightmare Coming to Life review

Still Loving the Art

I'm glad to see that this arc seems to be ending next issue. I really love this series but Massacre kinda needs to go. This issue was good to see some more of what makes David tick and finding out he doesn't know Batman's identity was interesting as well, but in terms of overall story, it all feels tired. The characters are very interesting to me though. Even Kia, who I thought was dead until this issue. Matu is feeling more and more like Alfred and, although I like that, I think he needs to be different in his own ways.

The art is still incredible. The cover looks great, but the real meat and potatoes of this issue look even better. The fact that there is no inking really makes this series feel gritty and different than the rest of the Bat titles. Something I consider to fit perfectly with this series above all the rest. The shot with Batwing and Batman swooping in may be my best-looking panel of the week. It just looks incredible.

This issue may have not been great, but I wouldn't call it terrible. Oliver's art needs to just keep coming. It'll be interesting to see this series farther down the road when he is no longer attached to it. Will it feel weird? That's a question for another time. The story is still intriguing, but the next arc just can't come soon enough for me.


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