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Batwing # 4 0

Spectacular just right in the first page, I was already digging this issue. We have here a origin story inside the mind of Batwing. Why he does what he does and what the sad reality David Zamvimbi experience as a kid. He tried to maintain integrity the best way he knew and sometimes we see as ourselves just as the enemy is. That is not the case, however David Zamvimbi journey in becoming Batwing had to be something tragic and ground breaking. Although we only get a little piece of the story of h...

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Honor them with backstory 0

Batwing #4 takes a bit of a break from the ongoing story with Massacre with the exception of a few opening pages to instead focus on David's backstory. While the telling of David's history is enjoyable enough on its own, it's disappointingly short with details, and the terrible things within David's past are mostly just talked about, not shown. It feels as though the backstory would have been handled better if we had seen glimpses of David's past interweaved throughout the previous issues as opp...

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"Everything You Are Is Because Of Us" 0

Synopsis   The origins of Batwing begin! Just what turned David Zavimbe from a ferocious child soldier to the superhero known as Batwing!The Good   The main bulk of this issue is the flashback of what set David Zavimbe off the route of being a child soldier, and the start of the catalyst that would eventually turn him into Batwing. He and his brother were always pushed to moral limits, but what happens when that line has been crossed? What we get is solid and believable story writing here, and i...

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Is the Title saying Winick thinks he's a bad writer? 0

Art - It's average lines, but horrible colors. The colorist bleeds all the colors and all the backgrounds and character match in their coloring making it harder to pull out crisper detail which makes the lines which are already on the low end of average even worse.Story - We get to see a piece of David's cliched past that we all already knew because we're not stupid. The story doesn't tell David's Origin as Batman so the cover is false advertisement. The placement in the overall story is bad and...

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Dragonflies Wading Through the Muck 0

The Good: The cover is the absolute best of the series thus far. It's a brilliant and unique concept with nothing short of perfect execution. It's subtle as hell, a genius representation of the content, and a great way to represent the dark and hauntingly realistically gritty African setting. It was very interesting to see just how deep David's good nature was rooted in the core of his soul. He's an amazing choice for a defender of Africa as he acts with the will of the people, the spirit of the...

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Not Good to be the Kingdom 0

Batwing delves back into its lead character's history, doing an excellent job of fleshing out David Zavimbe and distinguishing him in important ways from Batman.The ongoing plot of Massacre hunting down the retired members of the Kingdom slows down to allow for a flashback that shows how David and his brother Isaac ended their lives as child soldiers. David's past as a child soldier comes as no surprise, but this is a case of predictability not really hurting the story. It is a strong idea that ...

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Past revealed! 0

Summary and scans can be viewed hereThe GoodArt- My man Chris Cross fills in for series regular Ben Oliver and turns in the very best art I’ve seen from him EVER. I’m used to his work on the firestorm series and cult hit Slingers (Which I’m also a fan of) but this? This blows everything else clear out of the water! Chris has a very animated feel to his art, some may even call it “cartoonish” when coupled with vibrant colors but here he finds a style which conveys the established sombre and serio...

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