matkrenz's Batwing #3 - We Have Blood on Our Hands review

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Review for Batwing #3.

The Story: Batwing is still fighting Massacre alongside Thunder Fall and we see David's origin.

Thoughts: We get David's origin and I gotta say it's an effective way of using the real world problem of child soldiers and how it affects so many kids in Africa and applies it here without being preachy. It shows just how brainwashed these kids have to become in order to kill people. Also im curious as to how David got out of it but im guessing that Matu will get him out of it. Also it leads to an interesting contrast to the violence that David displayed as a kid and the violence that Massacre displays, David was forced into killing but got out of it and Massacre just kills out of a sick sense of justice. Ben Oliver art is just spectacular, his panel layouts are fitted so well for the action scenes, either Batwing flying up or Massacre falling. I just wish the book would speed up a little.

The Verdict: A really good origin for David using a very serious problem from the continent while not being preachy and the art continues to be very cinematic. This is a buy.

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