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Ever since I picked up #1, I could not stop reading it. THIS IS A GREAT comic. I admit, I kinda miss David, (First Batwing), but after the jump start from Luke Fox... I am in it for the long haul. I actually stopped buying comics for awhile until I heard of Batwing. In this issue, Luke is really starting taking shape of his detective side. I waited so long for the writers to get Batman out of the picture. I mean, for some time now Batwing started to look nothing more than another side-kick robi...

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Batwing #28 Review –“When the Search Digs Deep.” 0

Intro Since the new revamped of Batwing, it has been pretty good and engaging to read. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have really made an effort to make Luke Fox an interesting character. He really gets the sense of feeling of being young and new about being a superhero and he’s unsure about what to do. There is also a new change that previous character David Zavimbe, didn’t have which was interesting villains. It’s one of the main problems it had and the only one I ever found...

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