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Near the beginning of time a race called the cosmos created a machine to twist the weather to their needs going against the laws of the natural world. So the forces of nature had created a warrior mimicking Mothra, who was created to destroy the civilization and others who would harm the Earth. This twin of Mothra was eventually defeated by the deity its looks resemble. This warrior is Battra.

Battra Larva

Millions of years passed as the warrior of the Earth waited for nature to need help. Humanity had started to fall to the same fate as the cosmos. Humans destroying forests, polluting the seas, and releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Battra was summoned to destroy humanity. Battra was released in Siberia and it was making its way to Japan. Moving across the sea of Japan it saw two monsters battling, Mothra and Godzilla.

Battra threw itself into battle attacking Mothra. Battra's beams missed Mothra and hit Godzilla. Godzilla attacked Battra in retaliation. They fought and slowly went underwater. As Battra and Godzilla fought on the sea floor an undersea volcano opened consuming Battra and Godzilla.

Battra Imago

Battra, released from the volcano, slowly began to transform in a flash of light becoming its Imago form. Battra found Mothra and Godzilla battling once again and joined the fight. Mothra persuaded her twisted clone to help stop Godzilla. The two deities joined forces to stop Godzilla. Mothra and Battra toppled Godzilla to the ground. They both grabbed onto Godzilla and lifted him up to drop into the ocean. Godzilla was able to deliver a fatal bite to Battra's neck. As Mothra dropped Godzilla into the ocean Battra's corpse fell in as well.

Godzilla Gangster and Goliaths

Battra appears in this IDW miniseries. He is a resident of Monster Island.

Powers and Abilities

In Battra's larva form he can shoot a prism beam from its eyes and horn. He can also create energy pulses to attack his opponent so Battra can attack others with its touch. He is also an adept swimmer and has burrowing capabilities.

In his Imago form he can fly up to mach 3. He can travel through space most likely meaning he does not require oxygen to live. He also has shown the ability conduct hurricane winds with its wings. He still maintains the prism beams from eyes and the energy touch.

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