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Born Jonathan Murdock, very little is known about Jack Murdock's early life. He was married to Maggie Murdock, who divorced him to join a convent after the birth of their son, Matthew Murdock. Unsatisfied with his achievements in life, Jack encouraged Matt to study and "make something of himself". Despite the fact that Jack was a successful professional boxer, he raised Matt to believe that pacifism, and not violence, was the best way to lead his life. Regardless, on more than one occasion Jack resorted to violence himself after becoming enraged at Matt's tendency to get into fights at school.

After the accident which blinded Matt (and enhanced his other senses), Jack approached his son's development with renewed vigor and vowed to help him whenever possible. Matt eventually graduated college and enrolled at Columbia to study law. Jack, meanwhile, suffered financially and had resorted to fighting in illegal matches as the "Red Devil" for money. But again, he realized that he was not leading a good example, and vowed to stop, which he eventually did. Shortly after this, Roscoe Sweeney, the first "Fixer", approached Jack to fight for him. Murdock agreed, but was unaware that Sweeney had fixed the fights so that he would win them. After a streak of victories, Sweeney proposed that Jack throw a fight against Rocky Davis, an up and coming fighter. Jack refused; knowing that Matt was going to be at the fight. True to his word, Jack won the fight, and Sweeney arranged for his murder. As Jack left the building, he was brutally beaten to death by one of Sweeney's men.


Jack Murdock was created by Stan Lee and first appeared in Daredevil #1 in 1964. Jack's death occurred in the same issue.

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