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Hakufu Sonsaku, a young girl blessed with a large chest but a small brain, lives in the country with her mother. She is a Toushi, and as such she has a burning desire to beat people up, but her mother has forbidden it. One day at school she encounters a Toushi who wants her to join Yoshuu school, and says if she refuses her new best friend will be a hospital bed. Hearing this, she immediately refuses. After the ensuing battle, Hakufu's mother asks her to leave home and go to Tokyo, where she can develop her abilities as a Toushi, and fight to her heart's content.

Back Blurb

Violent Femme!

Ages ago, in The Three Kingdoms era, heroes tried to unite China.... and failed... After their defeat, the heroes' spirits came to rest in jewels known as Magatama. Those who possess them fight to become Ikki Tosen: One Warrior with the Power of One Thousand!

Hakufu Sonsaku is a busty, beautiful girl with an irresistable lust---for battle! At her mother's request, Hakufu resists her burning desire to beat people up... until a chance encounter with another Toushi at school leads to an all out brawl. Will their first meeting be Hakufu's first beating?

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