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Volumes four through six of the groundbreaking manga series--collected here in one blood-soaked volume. This collector's edition of the cult classic contains bonus features: New color cover art from manga-ka Masayuki Taguchi; Unpublished character sketches from manga-ka Masayuki Taguchi; Weapons details by Eliot R. Brown (Punisher's Armory); "Second Opinion" insights on characters' injuries from E.R. physician Michael Dallos, M.D.

Class B's island death match continues unabated, and the middle school students have already been winnowed down to about a third of their original number. Tensions ratchet upward as the survivors' true colors begin to emerge. Sugimura finds his childhood friend Takako and learns something terrible about the behavior of Mitsuko “Hardcore” Souma. And when Noriko comes down with a fever, Shuuya and Shogo are forced seek medical attention for her. But their respite is painfully short-lived when the abandoned clinic they have been sheltering in becomes a danger zone. What danger—or which classmate—is lurking outside with a machine gun? Meanwhile, Mimura and Yutaka have begun to initiate a Program of their own…one that involves building a bomb. Which, if successful, could have an explosive impact upon the outcome of this horrific battle royale.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 25: Honor
  • Chapter 26: Bond
  • Chapter 27: Respect and Affection
  • Chapter 28: Insanity
  • Chapter 29: The Right Answer
  • Chapter 30: Persuasion
  • Chapter 31: Everybody's Thoughts
  • Chapter 32: Secret Weapon
  • Chapter 33: Rouse
  • Chapter 34: Last Man Standing
  • Chapter 35: Trap
  • Chapter 36: Thirst
  • Chapter 37: Existence
  • Chapter 38: Set Up
  • Chapter 39: Anxiety
  • Side Story: Man of Justice
  • Chapter 40: Sworn Friend
  • Chapter 41: Flower of Courage
  • Chapter 42: Parting
  • Chapter 43: Raid
  • Chapter 44: Hard Charge
  • Chapter 45: Rescue
  • Chapter 46: Encounter
  • Chapter 47: Departure

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