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Revisit the chilling vision of children coming of age in a cold and uncaring world in this gorgeous collector's bind-up of Battle Royale. This blood-splattering book includes the first three chilling volumes of the groundbreaking manga series. New content includes creator foreword, character sketches, original color covers, articles on weapons used in the series, "2nd opinion" articles on whether real people could sustain characters' injuries, and "On the Couch" articles on the mental stress endured by the characters.

The Japan that Shuuya Nanahara and his fellow middle school classmates have been born into is quite similar to the one we know. But it is also very different. Shuuya's Japan is a ruthless military dictatorship where rock'n roll is illegal and children are routinely subjected to nightmarish televised reality shows where they are forced to kill each other—or be killed instead. Even so, Shuuya, Yoshi, Noriko, and the rest of these young people are basically normal, with their ordinary dreams and secret shames. On the eve of their graduation, the forty two students of Class B think they are going to celebrate. Instead, they awaken on an abandoned island and informed by a smarmy but ruthless “Teacher” that they are now officially playing The Game…and only one of them will make it out alive!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: The Worst Game in History
  • Chapter 2: Best Friend
  • Chapter 3: Shinji Mimura
  • Chapter 4: The Oath
  • Chapter 5: Other Side of the Door
  • Chapter 6: Yoshio Akamatsu
  • Chapter 7: Trust
  • Chapter 8: Mitsuko Souma
  • Chapter 9: Kazuo Kiriyama (Part One)
  • Chapter 10: Kazuo Kiriyama (Part Two)
  • Chapter 11: Treasure
  • Chapter 12: Those Who Come Forth
  • Chapter 13: Shogo Kawada
  • Chapter 14: Nightmare
  • Chapter 15: Conditions
  • Chapter 16: The Right Thing To Do
  • Sidestory: Energy
  • Chapter 17: Past
  • Chapter 18: Odds
  • Chapter 19: Problem Child
  • Chapter 20: Acceptance
  • Chapter 21: Forfeiture
  • Chapter 22: Battle Plan
  • Chapter 23: The Ultimate Team
  • Chapter 24: Takako Chigusa
  • Side Story: Fallen Angel

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