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FINAL VOLUME! The trio continue to fight Kiriyama in a final bout. Kawada has a couple more tricks up his sleeve for their escape to America. They come face-to-face with instructor Yonemi and the other guards. Does Kawada betray Shuuya and Noriko? Noriko, Shuuya and Kawada must kill Yonemi in order to escape the Battle Royale. Who makes it out of the program alive?!?

Back Blurb

Brace yourself for the climactic conclusion to Battle Royale!

Mere days ago, 42 students were marooned on an island, given random weapons and ordered to kill or be killer. Now only four remain alive... but that's still three too many. As out heroes are confronted with a grisly end, one will be forced to betray the others in the ultimate sacrifice. Will anyone make it out of The Program alive?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 112: Cause and Effect
  • Chapter 113: Destiny
  • Chapter 114: Determination
  • Chapter 115: One's Last Moment
  • Chapter 116: Deception
  • Chapter 117: Inference
  • Chapter 118: Counterattack
  • Chapter 119: Hope

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