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Monika plans a break into the prison of Skyhold, using Strata Rays, to release the Sky-Pirate Ryon Del Soyaas she hopes for a big payday.  Ryon is not so helpful as he is suspicious of Monika's motives. Pulling a gun on her he accidentally ruptures a Mana store blowing the cell block sky high. 
After a narrow escape two stranger figures are see in the area. One following the trail of the creatures that attacked Gully and one interested in the prison break. 
As Gully spends time outside with her new friends a shadowy figure lurks in the underbrush. he leaps out and catchign Gully as she falls from Calibretto's shoulders. The Robot and Knolan open fire on the stranger as his agile leaps keep him out of harm and disabling Calibratto's cannons. When Knolan challenges the man.. he uncloaks and reveals himself as Garrison, arrived to defend Gully and avenge her parents.

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Monika! 0

Okay, so there was a lot of good stories that went on in this issue but I must confess, for once I have no opinions on any of them except for the first one shown, that of Red Monika! Until now all that was seen of her was some cleavage shots and a few text bubbles but in this issue we finally get to see her in action and it was awesome! She has to be one of my favorite bounty hunters ever after this issue, thanks to not only her looks but the personality and skills that can be seen here.As for G...

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Battle Chasers III 0

undefinedBattle Chasers never stop keeping a very good story. The Good: Blessing Joe Madureira's writing, penciling, and cover! And plus Sharrieff's beautiful writing! Tom McWeeney's inks are so wonderful! I would be glad to meet Joe Madureira, Munier Sharrieff, and Tom McWeeney! I want their autographs. Forgive me for being crazy just because I am a huge fan of this wonderful comic--Battle Chasers. The Bad: No matter how they make a little mistake! The Verdict: I suggest you buy it. I am sure y...

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