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Battering Ram was a short time member of the X-Force team that later on would become X-Statix. He participates in battling Qat-maddened North African tribesmen who are trying to overthrow their country. During this mission, his teammate Sluk dies in a tank explosion. Battering Ram tries several times to talk to his field leader, Zeitgeist, whom he calls 'Number One', about his role in the team. He is brushed aside each time. Ram makes an effort to calm down Gin Genie displaying a caring attitude which is not shared by the rest of the team. Coach then sends the team to Sonic TV to rescue a manufactured boy band called Boys R Us. The mission is described as a freebie, a way to improve the team's public image.

It was a disaster. The last thing he says to 'Number One', before they both got shredded by helicopter fire was "Boss, my role. I think I oughta..." then he gets killed. Everyone but U-Go Girl and the Anarchist die, including the surviving members of the boy band. The helicopter crew that killed Ram is slain by U-Go Girl, dropped from a great height. Anarchist believes that if it wasn't for Battering Ram and Zeitgeist simply being in the way, he would not have been able to leap out of the window in time and make it to safety.

Some time after his death, Wolverine uncovers evidence proving that Zeitgeist and the Coach had planned to kill everyone else off all along.


Battering Ram was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred in 2001 and first appeared in X-Force # 116. 


StrengthSuperhuman: Able to lift up to 100 tons
Energy Projection:None
Fighting Skills:Normal

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