The Real "Smart Car"

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  Most automotive engineers (at least for the time being) agree that despite all the modern safety features in cars, that the smartest computer inside a car is the human mind.   This is true and its not, but the main reason why it is the smartest is because of uncertainty.   Both the American government and the European Union are working on systems to automate cars.   The problem with automation is that while automation can take into account other automated cars, its all the other non-automated stuff which poses a hazard.   The Batmobile though has a long history of driving itself, at least as far back as the first Batman movie (and this is back when computing power was so weak that a one megabyte floppy disk was considered good).   So could this exist in the past?   Probably not.   Could it exist now?   Probably yes.   Google has a fleet of cars of self driving cars with about 140,000 miles with no significant incident.   Another car designed at Stanford University was capable of using GPS technology to climb a treacherous mountain road with hairpin turns.   It may not do the super fast driving that the Batmobile is prone to do, but an automated driving system might be possible.   Seeing as Batman comics technology is usually about ten years ahead of real world technology it might be in the near future that our cars are driving themselves.   Until then though, keep your eyes on the road.   






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