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Will  the batmobile in part 3  be car form or tank form which do you like? Or will he just have the pod motorcycle

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man, I thought this was gonna be about what is your favorite batmobile! 
Gonna post a pic of my favorite anyway
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I think he'll remodel the Lamborghini that he trashed turning it into the first batmobile
I don't think Lucius would risk the attention that Wayne enterprises would get for building another tumbler when the tumbler never sold. 
What would be the excuse?   

Lucius: "Hello fellow members of the board. We're building another tumbler, just because... Oh and it'll just disappear soon.. If Batman gets one is just pure coincidence" O_o

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they'll probably do a combination of both, after all Batman is always improving his tech, it would only make sense that he'd want to slime line his ride for easier movability nad navigation through streets
@batman_is_god:  love that one, especially in the Robin series when Tim is using it for crowd control and the wheels turn into big monster truck wheels

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