Is Batmen of All Nations part of the current continuity?

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Sometimes - mostly often - I got problems with understanding where starts and ends the current continuity. I know that  the Knight is part of the continuity, but what about the others, do they still exist?  

 Is Batman hagging out with someone who uses a gun?      
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They did, but I think most of them are dead. I know Man-Of-Bats was around during R.I.P. and I think Final Crisis

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@Calvin: They are still around the original Knight and Ranger died but they have legacies take over their identity many of them will show up in Batman Incorporated. 
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the new Batman from Argentina is called el Gaucho I believe. LOL
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WOW i cant believe these losers (tim drakes words not mine) have a board as well,in all honestly as much as i,m looking forward to INC i personally can do well without guys like mr unknown or el gaucho or whatever .most of them are in continuity.
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Every character has a board here.

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Yeah Gaucho for the win!

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