kfhrfdu_89_76k's Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham #1 review

The only reason to check this out is Simon Bisley.

Well, I guess that the title describes my opinion of the issue just fine. But if you care to, read on.

About the plot.

So...first we see Judge Death killing people at Gotham city. Then Batman "fights" against him. Then Deaths body is rendered useless. Batman is teleported to Mega city 1, he meets Dredd, Anderson and Mean machine (who teleports to Gotham). Then Judge Death teams up with Scarecrow and his goon. Then they decide to kill alotta people, and after that, other typical and boring stuff happens.

What I think of the story.

Thank GOD that this had Bisleys art. Because, honestly, if it wouldn`t be here, there isn`t anything at all, that would justify the existence of this acid trip of a comic. Bisley is his usual, talented self. His characters are exaggerated and strange looking, yet realistic at many points. Everything is gritty, but full of color. It`s very different from the ususal superhero-books and still very familiar (since he`s not the only one who makes pictures in a comic, stand out in their own). If you mostly focus on the pics, instead of the words, you can actually get a pleasant experience, out of reading the comic. Believe me, I would`ve rated it lower if someone not as good had drawn it.

He draws alotta panels to some pages, while others don`t have that many. There`s alot of splash pages. It gives the story some air to breath. Or...something like that.

He brings humor in to this.

The art has that icky 90`s feeling though (maybe `cause it was made in the 90`s...), which I don`t like as much.

Scarecrow looks great.

But...the plot is utter trash. Some people (maybe you`re one of them, and think this is awesome) like these completely stupid/awesome comics. I don`t, as much. I like stupid/awesome comics, that also real talent put in to them. this one though...It`s written by Alan Grant and John Wagner. Pretty talented dudes. And they wrote this piece of feces. Instead of writing something awesome, like Batsy fighting against Dredd, and add some characters from both modern mythologies in to it, to spice it up...Instead...Well, let me list some of the bad things.

-They decided to make the story about Scarecrow (who`s a great villain) and Judge Death (Who`s and okay villain, similar to Carnage. Judge Death was created before him, though.) killing people. Without it actually even being grimly comedic. I though that this was supposed to be about Batman and Dredd.

-BTW, Dredd plays one of the samllest roles in the book. Batman teams up, instead of Dredd, with Judge Anderson. Sure, she`s a fun character, but honestly...

-The grand simply an end to a story.

-Most of the jokes in this one are simply buch of words, pretending to be jokes.

-Scarecrow is so out of character that it hurts.

-The characters act as if they`re one dimensional (Anderson is the one who`s written the best). In a bad way. -This one has Mean machine. Who plays a bigger role that Dredd. Which is a bit fine, `cause Dredd`s kind of an a-hole.

-The story`s so predictable. Then again, how many can predict how a story will play out?

-It has needless dialogue.

They didn`t get everything wrong, though. They got the voices of most of the characters kinda right (which is obvious, given that they`ve written the characters).Dredd and Batsy try to fight, but are always cut short. I like that kinda stuff ( I would`ve liked about 60s pages of fighting more, though ). Some parts are genuinely funny (Especially the splash page that shows what Death fears.* Wanna know what it is? If so, click the spoiler block.)

Final thoughts.

Heed my advice. Ignore the words (or read them, but don`t care about them that much). Loose yourself to the art.

*Naturally, by the courtesy of Scaredy crow. Which is awesome, though, I don`t know if possible. I would guess so. After all, even if Death is undead, he was inhabiting a body, that has lungs and all. It works like that, right.).

Posted by The Poet

that does look cool...


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