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Batman Houdini and atmosphere

Summary : 
Someone is stealing the children of Gotham City. There is also a new creature of the night people are calling The Batman. One night someone sees the Batman near a wagon of kids, and surmises that he is stealing the children. 
  This peaks the interest of visiting escape artist and showman Harry Houdini. So he makes a promise to help the police track down the Batman. Yet when he finally meets the mysterious figure, Harry knows that he is the hero and not the villain of the story. 
  The two team up, and discover that the children have been kidnapped by an albino, but al evidence points to a puppetmaster for the albino, so they continue to work together to stop the heinous crime. 
I have got to say that the art wins the day in this story. The painted page creates an atmosphere that brings to mind an old black and white Sherlock Holmes movie. The banter between Houdini and Batman that shows us Harry thinks Batman is nothing much more than a bruiser. 
  This was a good character addition. It gives us some insight into what a thinker may at first think of Batman at the time. I liked the treatment of the joker. He was a bit more understated in this story than others, but it was a twist that served the story. The final twist and whodunnit moment, ended up being a bit of a yawner, but it did not affect the entire book.  
  Over all Chaykin gave us a decent story, and Batman Houdini The Devils Workshop ended up being worth the price of admission.
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