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Elseworlds Project #2 0

The Devil's Workshop, an Elseworlds written by Howard Chaykin and illustrated by Mark Chiarello, is a tale about a "darker than ever" Batman and the famous magician Harry Houdini the cover is pretty much perfect and speak for itself, if you know at least a bit about the history of magic in the 19th or the early 20th century this is a perfect example. The artwork is great, mysterious and amazing, photograph-like that fits the batman like a glove. Also, we get to see the hilarious team-up of the s...

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Batman Houdini and atmosphere 0

Summary : Someone is stealing the children of Gotham City. There is also a new creature of the night people are calling The Batman. One night someone sees the Batman near a wagon of kids, and surmises that he is stealing the children.   This peaks the interest of visiting escape artist and showman Harry Houdini. So he makes a promise to help the police track down the Batman. Yet when he finally meets the mysterious figure, Harry knows that he is the hero and not the villain of the story.   The t...

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Unlocking truths of magic 0

What is nice about this story is that it is an Elseworlds, which means it is non-canon but uses known DC characters.  In this case it is the Batman mythos.  Batman and Joker are main players, there is also a character likely Ra's Al Ghul (The Demon head).  Writers Howard Chaykin and John Francis Moore weave a tale of suspense and Supernatural.  The explore the world of magic, could it be simple tricks like Houdini was famous for or is there some magic in the world that Batman walks? There are so...

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