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Hi, my name is Dylan and I’m looking to recruit a small group of people to discuss Batman stories for a bi-weekly podcast. I call the project the Batman Book Club – here’s what I hope to accomplish with it.

I want to put together a group of four or five people (including myself) with different backgrounds, interests and perspectives, but who all share a serious interest in Batman comics. For each episode we’d all read the same Batman story (Year One, for instance) and then talk about it. I’d like to have a balance between serious discussion and fun, lively commentary.

I’m posting this on a couple of different sites to try and cast a large net – if you’re interested, please reply to this post. We'll talk about ideas and details.

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How would we record each podcast?

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@Deadshirt: I'd totally do it - if you could deal with the fact I live in Australia. I mean, it is possible, but timing would be bollocks. I'd have to get up super early in the morning xD.
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