Would Dexter make a good Batman?

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I know people are probably sick of the whole "who will play Batman in the Justice League movie?" thing, but one actor I have yet to see anyone bring up is Michael C. Hall from the show Dexter. Besides the fact that he is a brilliant actor the character of Dexter parallels quite a bit with Batman and shows how well he would do in this part. They both have a darker vigilante-esque side and a side that everyone else sees yet is the true mask. they both target villains and even have a bit of a Rogues Gallery (The Ice Truck Killer, The Phantom Arsonist, etc.). they both use their detective skills to insane levels that noone else seem to be capable of. the list goes on. the only real difference would be Dexter's Code includes murder while Batman's Code tends to avoid that.

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uhhh,sure, yep!

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I love Michael C. Hall (kind of a man crush) and I am really picky on who should play Batman since I am a proud Bat-fanboy, but I will say I do not hate this idea.

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To be honest i would like him more as Harvey dent that Batman.

It could end being too Dexter and ruin things.

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