Would Catwoman stop a mugging?

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Hey guys, I just read TEC 627(Batman's 600th Anniversary) It has the original Batman story 'The Case of the Chemical Syndicate,' and then 3 newer versions of the same story.

The last story had a really interesting idea where a guy basically went out looking to get mugged, because he had heard if you really need help a man in Gotham who cared would find you if you needed it.

So then I was thinking about how obviously dangerous that is, and what if Batman didn't show up, so now the actual question:

If Catwoman (Selina Kyle) were to see a mugging on the street, which looked like the victim was going to be killed, would she do something to stop it? or does she not care about that sort of thing?

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@megame23: It depends on who was getting mugged and her mood, and what time of her life.

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heh, oddly enough the next issue on my read list, Batman 460 starts out with Catwoman after stealing some jewels, sees a mugging and jumps in saving a young couple.

The girl she saves says, "D-dont hurt us! Please!"

Then Catwoman gets pissed off that they arent very grateful and are dumb to be walking late where they are anyway, saying "--And if This is the thanks I get, I won't be doing it again!"

Both of those issues, Tec 627 and Batman 460 are from March 91, so it really was the next comic I got my answer... haha, what are the chances.

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If its a woman...If she has something to gain from it...If the person being mugged isn't a known scumbag... If the person getting mugged is a minor or elderly.. Thats all I can  think of..

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Catwoman would do it but she definately wouldn't do like Batman and prowl around looking for people to save.

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Yeah, I agree, think it depends on her mood, and maybe if the victim thats getting robbed etc. has some valueable stuff on them, so she'll save them but rob them at the same time hehe

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