Will batman become a killer

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well will he

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Never on your life.

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He hasn't been a killer for 75 years and I'm pretty sure he's not going to start now.

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@Xwraith said:

He hasn't been a killer for 75 years and I'm pretty sure he's not going to start now.

InB4 he killed a few times in the Golden Age

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Nope. Also, why did this need its own thread? There was already a lot of discussion in the one posted by staff.

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Nope never he won't kill he's come close but always stopped and I'm fairly sure the writers would steer clear of that choice anyway.

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I actually wish he'd take this approach more often. The problem is the moral ambiguity that comes when you make the decision. We generally don't see Batman kill in the comics because the writers don't know how to let him do so without turning him into a Punisher type character. Instead they often write him like a boy scout who acts outraged when he sees other anti-heroes do what they feel is necessary. That depiction of Batman doesn't feel authentic to me either.

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Well he should atleast kill Talia though I can't believe I'm saying that, not because that I don't want him to kill but more coz I loved Talia as a character. But if anyone does it it won't be Snyder,it will be either Tomasi or Morrison.

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I don't think so for one moment. Recent events might push him to the edge in many areas but it won't tip him over in the violence stakes

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Well he did kill people in the Golden Age. Not to mention he accidentally killed Two Face in the TDK. And he killed people left and right in the Burton films.

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That cover doesn't prove a point.I can't see a reason for him to become a murderer.His son recently died and I don't think that even that will make him kill and I don't think that Snyder can make a good story or reason for him to kill.

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He killed people on the past even during one year on the 70s.

But there is no point on doing this now.

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@TheAcidSkull said:


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hope not...

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@Xwraith said:

He hasn't been a killer for 75 years and I'm pretty sure he's not going to start now.

This.And he didn't even kill the man who took away everything he had.

' Nuff said.

@Black_Claw: @KnightRise: And who did Batman actually kill?

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