Why was Batman Returns so stupid?

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I thought the 89 Batman was okay. Though my main complaint was that The Joker wasn't crazy enough, but anyways. The sequel sucked, they ruined The Penguin (instead of making him a gangster they made him a supernatural freak who bites people's noses), they had an army of Penguins working for him (wtf?), Catwoman literally had 9 lives (how did she live each time?), she also came back to life. Batman killed a guy for no reason (what's the point?), etc. Another complaint was Gordon (who was a fat cop that didn't give a shit). I rewatched the 89 Batman and it was a damn good stand alone film (still don't think it's anywhere near the Nolan's films) but was quite good. The sequel however sucked.

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I actually prefered Batman Returns to any other of the Burton/Schuemier (sp?) films. The '89 Batman was pretty good but it had a lot of slow scenes and lacked depth in some areas. Batman Returns felt a lot more fun. I try to view it as a fun film rather than a serious one. True, Batman killing people and Catwoman having nine lives are both a bit of a turn off. But I think the dark comedy and overall tone of the film makes up for its flaws.

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