why do you guys always try to make people like batman?

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#1 Posted by THORSON (3134 posts) - - Show Bio

if anything you're making it worse. So STOP IT.

I don't like batman. is it the end of the world or something? is not liking batman just like having a death in the family?

Stop. you can't make me like batman. fanboys ruined it for me. you should be bashing them.

Thanks. ;)

#2 Posted by ptigrusmagus (496 posts) - - Show Bio

Whats this about? Are you directing this at Comicvine or at Batman lovers?

#3 Posted by Dark_Guyver (2565 posts) - - Show Bio

Dafuq did I just read?!

#4 Posted by Teerack (9547 posts) - - Show Bio

Says the person named THORSON with a Thor avatar.

#5 Posted by Veshark (9326 posts) - - Show Bio

If this is a post against certain individuals who are 'making you like Batman', then you should direct it to them in private messages. Aside from that, what exactly do you hope to accomplish with this thread by involving the entire CV community?

#6 Posted by ptigrusmagus (496 posts) - - Show Bio

Aside from the fact that he is filthy stinkin rich Bruce Wayne is a very relatable and humanized character thats why he has so many fans.

#7 Posted by ccraft (10854 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone who hates Batman is invisible to me, I can't even read your username!

#8 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (6721 posts) - - Show Bio

I've never tried to make anyone like Batman, and I don't care that you don't like him.

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#10 Posted by TheCheeseStabber (8195 posts) - - Show Bio

@THORSON said:

I don't like batman. is it the end of the world or something? is not liking batman just like having a death in the family?

#11 Posted by evilvegeta74 (4672 posts) - - Show Bio


#12 Posted by Xwraith (26944 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman's OK, but when it comes to DC, Green Arrow will always be my favorite.

#13 Posted by SmashBrawler (6032 posts) - - Show Bio


#14 Posted by KnightRise (4811 posts) - - Show Bio

If other people loving something makes you hate it, reevaluate yourself.

#16 Posted by Rumble Man (11197 posts) - - Show Bio
#17 Posted by TDK_1997 (15963 posts) - - Show Bio

No one's making you like Batman and Thor fanboys and Storm fanboys ruined both characters for me.

#18 Posted by RustyRoy (14938 posts) - - Show Bio

@THORSON: Why don't you ignore them? But seriously what's not to like? Wait! Don't tell me, really don't tell me or we'll end up debating, its far worse than getting runned down by a bus.

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