whos the coolest robin

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i've been reading batman and robin and im really liking damian wayne as robin and i wanted to know whos everybodies favorite robin

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Tim Drake.

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When they were Robins:

Dick - Boring

Jason - Horrible

Damian - Annoying

Drake wins by default.

Pretty sure this has been done before though.

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It's between Damian Wayne and Jason Todd for me.

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The Drake was the coolest Robin 
Jason is the coolest all grown up Robin

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@The Stegman said:

The Drake was the coolest Robin Jason is the coolest all grown up Robin
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Dick Grayson, no contest IMO.

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Tim Drake

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As Robin Tim Drake.

As character Jason Todd.

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Tim Drake

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When Grayson was with the titans, he really grew into his own as Robin and then Nightwing. Grayson will always be my favorite, Drake is a close second though.

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This guy, he lives in a nest on my gutter.

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Tim Drake
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Pre New 52 I'd rank them


New 52 I'd rank them


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@Vortex13 said:

This guy, he lives in a nest on my gutter.

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as robin? prob damian cuz he is a little G. then drake, though i like dick as NW better then drake.

drake and damian win best costume.

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@NEEK_03 said:

as robin? prob damian cuz he is a little G. then drake, though i like dick as NW better then drake.

drake and damian win best costume.

Exactly why I like the lil' bastard.

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Damian is such a little troll, so as robin he's my favorite.

Grown up and in another costume I like Dick Grayson best.

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As Robin Tim Drake.

As character Jason Todd.

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Dick Grayson by alot.

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I like Grayson cause he is mature, i like him just because of when he was Batman with Damian even if i did not really enjoy the comic by itself.

Jason Todd.. i did not know him as Robin but the Red Hood in the DC movie is cool, just as in Red Hood & the Outlaws . He is cool too but the fight between him and Damian in the last issue of Batman and Robin was a little bit too fast.

Drake was my favorite for the most of time i used to read Batman, most of all as Red Robin (the Pre52 one, i don't like the flying one). The fact that his has a bo make him look cool. And the comic when he kicked all the spiders guys with Ra's talking to him was so awesome !!!! I even read his training with Lady Shiva and the King Snake thing. I'd never do that for Todd

Damian is just the coolest on Earth but most of all what i like is when get his ass kicked.

So Between Drake and Damian but certainly not as Grayson even is the Nightwing suit (blue one) is veryyyy cool.

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as Robin


as OVERALL characters


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I'm digging Damian, right now...

But overall Tim, probably.

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TOTALLY TIM. TIM TIM TIM. TIM ALL DAY LONG. DEFINITELY the best Robin. He's everything Robin should be. Sooooooooo TIM.

*goes to cry in a corner.

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For me, Damian is definately the most interesting Robin.

Dick and Jason are far more interesting as Nightwing and Red Hood. And Tim never interested me much as a character whereas Damian's always fun to read about.

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Coolest Robin would be Damian.

Coolest all-grown-up Robin would be Jason Todd. Hands down.

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Jason Todd, seeing as the Joker..... 
*Puts on sunglasses* 
..iced that guy. 

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Robin was a lame side-kick that everyone wanted either dead or moved away from Batman...until Tim Drake came along. He was an amazing character in his own right with an amazing solo title that was every bit as good as anything else out there. I love the issues that were written by Bill Willingham (creator and writer of Fables). It was some really ground breaking stuff that I'd never seen before in comics- especially when Stephanie Brown came into the picture. Then when Tim became Red Robin in that limited series he got even better. I have to say Tim is the best Robin and the best character. If you don't think Tim is great character- I don't if you've read enough of his titles.

Jason Todd was a pretty lame Robin, but I did really enjoy the Red Hood prequel and then subsequent classic Batman story arc. However, that version of Jason Todd has had nearly enough time to develop as Tim has. The new 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws has been an uneven title to put it nicely. I like him, but I don't think he's a better character or Robin than Tim.

Dick is the classic Robin. While there is some nostalgia that I do feel for his Robin, he was the pretty lame, "golly gee!, BAM! POW! Holy Cow!" kind of Robin. However, he's most well developed character overall, who has progressed as Nightwing and his stints as Batman.

I love Step Brown, but she was best as Batgirl or Spoiler. She was pretty much a failure as a Robin, and she got the role mostly by she and Bruce pissing off Tim by outing his secret identity behind his back.

Damian is a character that many love to hate because he is pretty bratty. But I see more than just a snotty little punk in him. I see an ambitious, imaginative and brilliant kid (he's only 10 right?) with dark, but charming sense of humor. When he rescued a cow from a butchery and named it "Batcow" I LMAO! There is a ton of room for Damian to develop as grow as he ages. With his brilliance, fighting skill and genetics- you have to think he's going to be the best Robin sooner or later. However, he's still too young and immature to be the best at the moment. I like him, but he doesn't beat out Tim for the top spot.

I give Tim the #1 spot. Dick and Damian tie for my second favorite. Jason is third and Steph is fourth.

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@The_Tree said:

Tim Drake.

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