Who would be Batman If bruce died permenantly ?

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Yes i know this has been done before but after watching the big bang theory where sheldon asks this question and had an argument with steurt i had to make this thread. So yea if Bruce died and never came back as in DC pulled a Captain Mar-Vell as in he is done thats it for bruce wane never in a million years is he comeing back. Who would ppick up the cape and become the dark knight. Personally i think Dick Grayson would become batman agian

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I've posted this in a similar thread, so I'll put it again. Of course this all depends on when Batman dies, but I believe that Tim Drake should take over the cowl. Dick was a great Batman, but he is not Batman. He works best as Nightwing, and honestly he is more fun to read as Nightwing. Tim, however, is so like Bruce in many ways, yet profoundly different in others. He has the detective ability, sort of lacks fighting skills (but still good enough), and is committed to justice and not taking life. Where he differs is with his friends. I believe it was Yost who touched on this during the Red Robin series, when Ra's orders hits on many of Bruce's loved ones, and he believes Drake will fail based on his knowledge of Batman's loner tendencies. Tim isn't afraid to reach out either to his friends or Dick in a time of crisis and puts a lot more faith in his partners than Bruce ever would. So to sum it up, Tim Drake has been molded to inherit the Batman mantel in a way that would preserve the legacy of the character, while at the same time forging a new path and differentiating him his predecessor.

Oh, and anyone who says Damian is just flat out wrong haha

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Die of old age or just die from being killed? If the former Terry, if the latter Tim.

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Both Tim and Dick could do it but the problem is that neither of them really wants to be Batman. They certainly believe in Batman and what the mantle of the Bat stands for but they actually want a life outside of being superheroes and they can't have that if they take Batman's place.

Bane would probably be the best choice since he has the intelligence, skills, the drive for redemption, and the desire to be Batman.

Cassandra Cain would be the second best choice if she's able to get the proper training and hone her non-combat skills.

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Nobody, really. Batman may be a symbol, but in much the same way as Batman is Bruce Wayne, nobody can step up to be Batman. They can wear the symbol, but they can't be him. Any differentiation from Batman renders them NOT Batman. The key to Batman's success is his own drive, which lead to his skills, which lead to his many plans. Let's take a look at the potential candidates.

Dick Grayson:

Qualifications: First Robin, moved onto Nightwing, assumed Batmantle in Batman's place following apparent death.

Dick doesn't have the brains to be Batman. Nor does he have the distrust. He doesn't seek to actively improve his skills or push his limits like Batman does, and to him, fighting crime is what he does as a superhero. He's not waging a war, he's stopping bad guys. The difference results in him not being qualified to be Batman.

Jason Todd

Qualifications: Second Robin, killed, got better, became the Red Hood

Jason doesn't have the skill. Yes, he was trained by Batman, but he doesn't have the skill to NOT kill. Nor the compulsion. That drive to NOT be as low as those he's hunting instantly disqualifies him from the race.

Tim Drake

Qualifications: Third Robin, became Red Robin

More technological, more intelligent. Lacking in physical combat prowess. Skills can be sharpened, but like Dick, he doesn't have the distrust to prepare him to take on his allies. He doesn't have the paranoia that maybe one day things will go bad, so he has to be prepared. Overall, most likely candidate, if he could be shaped to be willing. Perhaps implicating him indirectly in Batman's untimely demise. Make him feel guilty.

Damien Wayne

Qualifications: Robin


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If he were to die like today in current continuity than definatley Dick Grayson. Dick was a GREAT Batman and he more than proved himself worth of the title. He may not be as mentally capable as Bruce but he relies on his allies more to make up for that.

However if he were to die like 10 years down the road than Damian would take over. Damian said it best he was BRED to be Batman. He is HIGHLY intelligent and skilled especially considering his age and that he will only continue to get better as he gets older. He is headstrong at them moment but hopefully growing up will mellow him out a bit.

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TIm is the most likely, not perfect but the best

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@noj: i see Damian's future being linked the the League of Assassins. Maybe he someday inherits it and chooses to try and lead it into the light, rather than have it stay the evil underground society that his Grandfather runs.

Damian is just too unstable and cocksure to be Batman. Plus, something tells me that Tim Drake would fight Damian taking over til his dying breath

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I would be Batman if Bruce died permanently.

On a side note, when the hell is Terry FINALLY going to be a character in canon DC?

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It would actually be really cool if Bane wound up taking up the mantle, Batman has stated before that he considers Bane is equal... but, that's just a pipe dream. It would have to be someone in the Bat Family. Dick would probably be the first to take up the mantle, but he works better as Nightwing. Jason would never touch the cowl. Tim would be able to do it, but I'm not sure he would want to. Unfortunately, I think the best choice is Damien... and I hate Damien.

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Dick Grayson. Just ready Battle for the Cowl. All the reasons why are in there. He did a great job as Batman and I think if Bruce died for good it would be Dick for sure(again)

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I want to see Damian grow as a character and really learn what it means to be a hero.Then take over as Batman.

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@r3d_rob1n: Im not too sure something called the League of ASSASSINS can ever be turned to the light haha. Damian comepletley turned his back on the League of Assassins and his mother when he chose to stay with the Bat family and I doubt that even if he could go back and take control he wouldnt. He has no fond memories of his mother or the League and they are actively trying to kill him. Sure he is unstable now but thats what growing up is about, and being raised by Bruce, Alfred and to a certain extent Dick will level him out eventually. But I would love to see Tim and Damian fight over it just to see Tim get owned haha!

@Twentyfive: Terry was a canon character until Flashpoint, and he may still be considering alot of Grant Morrisons Batman has remained unchanged. Batman #700 showed Terry being mentored by a much older Damian.

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@JonSmith said:

Tim Drake

Qualifications: Third Robin, became Red Robin

More technological, more intelligent. Lacking in physical combat prowess. Skills can be sharpened, but like Dick, he doesn't have the distrust to prepare him to take on his allies. He doesn't have the paranoia that maybe one day things will go bad, so he has to be prepared. Overall, most likely candidate, if he could be shaped to be willing. Perhaps implicating him indirectly in Batman's untimely demise. Make him feel guilty.

Clearly you didn't read the Red Robin series. That was a cornerstone of Drake's story.

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It would depend on when Bruce would die. Personally, I think out of the four Robins, Tim would be the best to don the cowl, followed by Dick, Damien, and then Jason.

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Dick, he did a great job as Batman already, he can do it again...

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@noj: haha it's true he would probably have to change the name from League of Assassins. However, the kid is still 10 years old; at this point in his life no doors are truly shut to him. However, the only reason that people think he should inherit the Batman title is because he is Bruce's son. Had he just been a kid off the street, then he would be treated with the same contempt that Jason is. He shows no remorse for his killings and he does not have a Batman demeanor. The cowl should only be turned over to him if Tim and Dick are already dead.

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No one.  
Put someone else in the cowl and that's all it becomes, just some jerk in a mask.  
Batman and Bruce Wayne are inseparable entities.

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@r3d_rob1n: naw people would still like Damian just like Im sure people liked Jason even though he was an unpopular Robin. He only got voted to die by a very small margin. But the BIG difference between Damian and Jason as Robin is that Damian is written alot better. He may be a arrogant little prick but he is a likable prick. He does show some remorse for killing especially in the Batman and Robin storyline that concluded a few issues back but its mostly regret at disobeying his father mixed with a bit of small genuine regret. But thats the thing about Damian he just doesnt see killing like regular people do. He was raised by Assassins and bred to become a killer and now he is trying to fight against his very nature. Thats one of the things that makes him so interesting. Plus like I said he will certainly grow a ton as a character by the time he is old enough to be Batman

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@noj: I agree with just about everything you said here.

Damian will probably be the only one who can take up the mantle of Batman. I think he's the only one who could be as dedicated as Bruce is. The others just don't have the burning desire.

Besides Damian though, Dick. Dick for sure.

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I did this exact same post lol (You got more replies though >:( grrr)

I think Damian Wayne would become batman

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I'm just gonna say it,


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@noj: I really like Damian's character. I just think that people would not be so quick to say he should be Batman if he wasn't Bruce's son. His actions seem to be pointing towards a path similar to Todd's as a sort of anti-hero

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If he died now (in the current comics) Nightwing would take over. If he died a little farther down the line probably Tim, and if it was 10+ years it would be Damian. Damian would never let Terry take up the mantle.

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I liked having 2 bats. But Dick was a cool Batman. I would like to see a story where Tim, Dick, and Jason all 3 take don the cowl and have to fight and figure out who's most deserving.

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@RoboShark: I believe that is almost the plot of Battle For the Cowl

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@r3d_rob1n said:

@RoboShark: I believe that is almost the plot of Battle For the Cowl

....Yeah it is lol. I'm talking about something a tad different.

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only alfred could fill Bruce's boots :)

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Dick.He was the choice when Bruce was travelling through time and he will be the right answer if Bruce dies permenatly.Or if he doesn't want then Tim.

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I vote no one

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i don't think any of them would dick grayson became his own super hero. Jason Todd became a bad guy the red hood. i think he robin should go through enough endeavers to become there own super hero

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I think many great points have been made. I feel if it happened right this second, then Tim Drake would fit the role of Batman best. He wouldn't be the same Batman though. That ability to reach out to his friends/colleagues changes him immensely and might make the idea of Batman diminish in the minds of criminals and the general public. They could look at it as he needs to be bailed out of bad situations. They may no longer fear Batman on his own, and that would be a hard thing to always battle both physically and mentally, and it even undermines the idea of Batman as a whole.

I think Damian would be an interesting Batman. Once he matures he could fit the role. Physically and mentally he may be the best choice for it because he would have the largest ability to produce fear in those he fights. I feel like Bruce's death could always be a motivating factor in his fight against crime, and that one day he could come to terms with it just as Bruce does with his parents death in Tomasi's Batman and Robin run. It'd be coming full-circle or at least hearkening back to those stories.

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People Say Jason would never touch the,Which is true but post 52 id say its for a different reason he wouldnt take it if you offered it to him.

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Damian, or Dick. I never, I couldn't see Tim as Batman.

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