Who are the alternate Batmen in Game Over for Owlman?

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Can anyone identify all of the Batman in this picture? Batman The Brave and the Bold is known for its numerous continuity cameos, so I don't think any of these Batmen were created specifically for this episode.

The cowboy Batman on the left could be Paladin from Justice League of America #25-26 (2008), but it's generally not like BBATB to use such new characters.Furthermore, Paladin did not wear bright red pants and used guns instead of batarangs. The website DCAU Resource claims that he is Nighthawk from the Justice Riders, but there was only one Justice Riders comic and it didn't have anyone named Nighthawk in it.

The big guy is definitely Bat-Hulk from The brave and the Bold #68 (1966).

The vampire Batman is from Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991), Batman: Bloodstorm (1994) and Batman: Crimson Mist (1999).

The regular Batman is in the middle. I have no idea who the Batman in the futuristic suit is and where he first appeared. DCAU Resource calls him Solar Batman.

The guy with the sword is Capitan Leatherwing from Detective Comics Annual #7 (1994) and The Batman Chronicles #11 (1998).

The guy with the big head could be the Batman of 800,000 AD from World's Finest Comics #151 (1965). At least that's what DCAU Resource claims. I have my doubts since the Batman of 800,000 AD didn't wear a mask and didn't have any powers.

Any ideas?

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Game over for Owlman

is that a new cartoon on cartoon network? never heard of that..

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@FatihBATMAN: It's an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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cool, thanks. Is this show watchable? is it like more of a "kidish" show?

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It is watchable. It's not just for kids but also for fans of the Silver Age.

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thanks :>

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