Which kind of Batman villain do you prefer?

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Though the years Bats had many kinds of villains but what is your favorite species:
There are world-wide dangerous criminal masterminds, the kind that wants to rule over the world like:

There are godfather-likes that use to purge Gotham before the loonies took over.
people like:

There are those bizarre villais thar use to fill the early Batman's stories like:

And, of course ther are the classic psycos that fill Arham just to escape soon after, give Bats a helluva time and eventually cause a tragedy towards the poor guy.
These peple were once harmless prankstesr back in the 60's but today they're semi-sadomasochists that only want to know about they're own bizarre impuslses, these are people like:

Okay folks, which one do YOU prefer?

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Mr Zsasz

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Yeah zsazs is a more realistic character (uglier too...)

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Gambler said:


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Ra's Al Ghul
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Two-Face: fallen hero.

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yeah two face is freaking awsome. I prefer reading The joker the most though, and also I like the mafia stories like Carmine Falcone.

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I like anyone who can mess with Batboy's head & ocassionaly one-up him. Top candidate: Joker.

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Twilight Man said:
Ra's Al Ghul
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Mad Hatter: Nothing creepier than someone who kidnaps girls that look like Alice. Loeb added some pedophile references to the charcater a few years back, which made him even creepier.

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the ones that can put up a fight: Ra's Al Ghul, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Hush, Joker or Scarecrow

not a big fan of the ones like Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, etc 
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Aside from Kingpin, I find mob bosses too simple. I understand why they are being used and that certain stories require the mob to be the bad guys. It's just that I find it too simple. Which is why I prefer anyone colorful. In fact, Batman's villains have been given psychological profiles. Everyone has a reason to be cynical. I don't personally have a preferance, but to me, if the story is put together rght, I can enjoy a story whose villain is Joker, Penguin, R'as Al Ghul, Two-Face, Zsasz, Scarecrow or any other villain from Batman's vast rogues gallery.

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Arkham inmates are the best. They are an extreme reflection of the human condition, and their just more fun.

Look at Harvey. We all struggle between our moral and immoral selves.
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@TheBug said:

Arkham inmates are the best. They are an extreme reflection of the human condition, and their just more fun.

Look at Harvey. We all struggle between our moral and immoral selves. "
Agreed. Harvey/Two Face is the Batman villain I most relate to because every one of us has a good side and a a bad side.
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Mistah J



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I like seein somebody that batman actually has to fight physically instead of tryin to find out who hes gon kill next, i wanna see him do some digin on somebody and then have to fight him one on one, we havent really seen him do any fightin against somebody that can actually match him. If they do another batman movie i want to either see clayface or bane.

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The one's Batman can't beat... Earthquakes, human stupidity, natural evils...
those are the ones that really show Batman at his best, fighting against something he has no hope of defeating

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I was so glad when Bruce wayne came back in the nineties to reclaim the role of Batman.  I can't stand anyone else having the mantle, but Azrael is interesting because he is like one chromosome away from being batman (like the difference between genius and dementia) 
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Anyone who appeared in either the Batman animated series or Gotham Knight.

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