Which Batman villain do you think is the scariest?

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Personally, Black Mask gives me the most creeps. The first one anyway. This guy gets off on torturing people.

The Joker may be a homicidal psychopath, and he did, at one point, beat one of the Robins almost to death (a bomb finished the job), but so far I haven't seen him use torture the way Black Mask does.

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Depends, really.

I mean, my first instinct is to say Joker, but when you really think about it, he's only really intimidating if he has something personal against you. To the normal people, he just kills you and thinks nothing of it. He's still scary to me, though because I hate clowns.

For an honest answer, I'll say Scarecrow. There's something unsettling about a lanky guy dressed in a tattered scarecrow costume who fights with an eerie "dancing" style. He also carries a scythe. Throw his famous fear gas in the equation, and he'll be ten times worse.

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Depends on the Scarecrow. Arkham Asylum Scarecrow was terrifying... but a lot of the time he looks like a skinny guy in a red sweater and a funny hat, which = not scary. If Scarecrow is not in a scary mood; Joker.

Also, Croc can be terrifying, done right.

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I like Pyg, but he's pretty terrifying.

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the joker a guy that can kill you and lol all day about it scarys the crap out of me.

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The Joker, he's just so unpredictable....that's horrifying 

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arkham asylum scarecrow

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Arkham City Calendar Man, The stuff he was saying did creep me out a bit.

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Arkham Asylum Scarecrow probably. Those scenes and parts where you had to avoid his gaze got kind of crazy.

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I can't say I've ever found any of his scary, or terrifying. Any of them just came off to me as interesting case studies (one of the many attractions to Bat books for me).

I don't know if that's a good or bad thing? I know there's been characters in other series that made my skin crawl though, so probably not?

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Arkham Asylum Scarecrow wasn't scary at all, I do admit though that when he made me think my PS3 crashed that scared me. I thought Arkham Asylum Killer Croc was way more scary. But overall I guess the most scary Bat villain for me in terms if I ever encountered them has to be Dollmaker and his family.

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1. Killer Croc, what is more frightening than a 8 feet man covered in scales who looks like a crocodile and can throw a car at you

2. Joker, enough said

3. Scarecrow, although brave people and those with great willpower probably wouldn't be afraid of him

4. Dollmaker, I think that he is the greatest psychopath after Joker

5. Mister Zsasz, I was always a little afraid of him

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Arkham City Mad Hatter. At first he was surprisingly lame, then I listened to the Hugo Strange interview with him and the mention of his many Alices and the search for a new one. That's all they wrote. That's a creepy guy.

Also Zsasz and his descriptions of cutting people up.

I think my imagination makes it worst, but still those are the two that get to me.

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Joker's funny. He won't need to scare me to creep me out. I won't have time to be scared of him before he has killed me.

So I'll say Jane Doe.

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Mad Hatter

Killer Croc


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1. The Reaper(s) - all who took name, including those who wore Judson Caspian's costume, starting with Caspian, and Doctor Gruener

2. Victor Zsasz

3. Cornelius Stirk

4. Queen of Hearts

5. The Idiot

6. Savage Skull

7. Claything

8. Doctor Phosphorus

9. The Manikin

10. Werewolf (Anthony Lupus)

If Black Lanterns count, I'd clear this up, and replace with Black Lanterns, all of them (including Black Lantern Magpie).

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Killer Croc and The Joker.

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I think that if ANY of batman's rogues existed in reality, they would be horrendously frightening. The Jokers presence alone should scare you sh!tless because you know you're most likely going to die, The Scarecrows scare gas brings out your worst fears, Killer Croc alone is scary as DUCK because of his looks, Pyg is going is to slice and dice your face so you look like a doll, Madhatter likes to tie you up and have some tea while he drugs you..the list goes on. If this were reality, I'd be scared poopless of any of them....unless I was the Goddamned Batman ;)

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@The_Tree said:

I like Pyg, but he's pretty terrifying.

Ooh he's definitely spooky

Black Lanterns make me gone Fluttershy, very very very scared

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Joker. a psycho killer clown? I'll pass.

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Ted Krosby (from Batman: Tenses):

He rips out his own eye!
He wears his father's face!

COLLIN COLSHER: Ted Krosby murders hundreds of people in one single night (individually, face-to-face, not using a bomb or something), eats people, and skins his dad to wear his face Ed Gein style. (The Real Batman Chronology Project)

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The Joker. He's just that perfect, creepy, homicidal, lunatic laughing clown.

Scarecrow comes in close though, with his fear gas and all.

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The penguin creeps me out, but that's just because I get creeped out by combed over greasy hair and people with scrunched up evil faces. The Joker has to be one of the scariest though, just because he could do anything and you can't predict what direction he'll take things in next. If he was real the world would be nothing but cinders.

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I'd say Joker, Zsasz, Black Mask, and Scarecrow are probably the most terrifying. It really depends on the writer's interpretation of each character as to which is the scariest at any given time.

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Yeah I would go with Professor Pyg also. Save for the mask, he's not scary in the physical sense, it's his damn mental state that makes me squirm every now and then. He was so disturbing in the first few issues of Batman & Robin.

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The "Scariest" would be scarecrow...because even if you werent scared of him, He will make you scared...

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None of them.

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Court of Owls, they're always watching

Them or Scarecrow, his entire point is to be what you fear most

Court of owls = Big Brother / Scare Crow = Room 101

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@hectorsquall said:

Ted Krosby (from Batman: Tenses):

He rips out his own eye!
He wears his father's face!

COLLIN COLSHER: Ted Krosby murders hundreds of people in one single night (individually, face-to-face, not using a bomb or something), eats people, and skins his dad to wear his face Ed Gein style. (The Real Batman Chronology Project)

Now..this..is something completely different. I did not know about this character. That's just..holy shit.

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Hugo Strange- That dude is pretty insane his just enough to give you the creeps

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Ted Krosby (from Batman: Tenses):

He rips out his own eye!
He wears his father's face!

COLLIN COLSHER: Ted Krosby murders hundreds of people in one single night (individually, face-to-face, not using a bomb or something), eats people, and skins his dad to wear his face Ed Gein style. (The Real Batman Chronology Project)

I was reading this in the middle of the night last year, and actually had to put it down because it was freaky.

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the joker have you playd arkham asylem the video game

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His presence gives off an eerie atmosphere much more terrifying then the joker...

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Scarecrow or maybe Killer Croc if you play their arkham asylum missions in the middle of the night it will give you the creeps!

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Scarecrow with the gas.

Bane for his huge size.

Croc for his appearance.

Two Face would be pretty dams scary as well

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Once the Joker has his attention on you its only a matter of time of when he plays a sick twisted game with you. He not only would attack you physically but use your own fears and doubts against you psychologically. Truly a twisted genius that is really amusing himself by torturing others. Whether its justifying his views or running wild the last thing you want the Joker to do is notice you in the crowd.

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The henchmen in the killing joke... God they terrify me. The Joker too for letting those things just walk around.

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I have to say Scarecrow he will do anything including shreding people up and laying them around a cornfield (Blackest Night) and Joker because of his creepy smile and the fact that you never know what he's going to do next.

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Scarecrow and The Joker

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Alfred. He's actually the criminal mastermind behind all the villains just so he can keep Batman occupied while he secretly robs Bruce Wayne of all his money. He's like my old babysitter but far smarter about it. Plus remember in Dark Knight when he said he burned down a whole forest just to catch a daimond theif? That qualifies him as a lunatic with a thirst for blood and vengeance as well as an eco terrorist. Plus I think he's Welsh...ewww.

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How is Joker not the unanimous answer? This guy invents new forms of torture. Hell forget torture; he's talked his own therapists into committing suicide.

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1.Scarecrow when your drugged by his fear gas.

2.Joker in psycho mode.

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I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned Victor Zsasz, that guy creeps me the hell out.

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@Mesamia: OMG yeah WTF?! Was that!

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ummm... Bane, Hush, and Clayface.

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Professor Pyg, his idea of perfection is distrubing to say the least...

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