Which BATMAn films are better?

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Oooooh, good thread! 
 Tough one, because Mask of the Phantasm is the finest superhero film to date, but then the Nolanverse trilogy probably fill up the next three slots in terms of Batman film excellence. 
Batman and Robin is an abomination, but then, so was Mystery of the Batwoman. 
I'll give it to animated, because Beyond was superior to the 1989 film, Under the Red Hood was better than Returns, and Vs Dracula is much better than Forever. 
Sub-Zero, the 1966 film and Gotham Knight can just go be somewhere else.

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Tough call.

My personal favorite Batman films are of the following: Batman/Mr.Freeze: Sub-Zero, Batman: Under The Red Hood, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2, Batman & Robin (1997), The Nolan Batman Trilogy....so I guess Animated trumps over Live...because certain physical physiques on villains have no limits once animated.

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Under the Red Hood and Mask of the Phantasm. 'Nuff said.

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Nolanverse is best, but all the crappy real ones weigh it down to much.

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......Are ya kiddin'?

Animated all the way.

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I voted real because of Nolan's films. But Under the Red Hood is right up there with them.

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@Charetter115 said:

Nolanverse is best, but all the crappy real ones weigh it down to much.

Yeah, this is my issue. I'm giving the edge to real because I love the Nolanverse, and that side needs a little more love.

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