Which Bat-Family member (except Batman) is capable of finishing the Joker?

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Wrong place

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All of them are capable of doing it thanks to their training, but only a few would actually do it.

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I don't think Batwoman or Batwing count as members of the Bat-Family.

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Yeah all of them could, though Dick actually has.

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I wanted to vote Jason. Instead I voted Nightwing.

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Jason could easily.

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Wow alot voted on Jason...that would be possible yeah, i voted on Damian

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batmite part of bat family??

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Jason or Damain. They are the only ones who have actually killed before.

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@The Stegman said:

All of them are capable of doing it thanks to their training, but only a few would actually do it.

@jayskee said:

Jason or Damain. They are the only ones who have actually killed before.

... And Jason want to kill the guy.

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I really want to see either Jason or Dick do it. I feel like if it were either of them, it would be even more powerful than if Batman himself were to do it.

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The Joker is not an exceptional hand-to-hand fighter. Never has been. He's a traditional mastermind villain in that he usually prefers to have his henchmen do the dirty work for him (with the exception of the current arc, in which he has taken a much more active role). With that in mind, almost anyone in the immediate Batman family (that is, those who tend to operate in and around Gotham and have a longstanding relationship with the Dark Knight) could take the Joker out in a one-on-one brawl. As for those who would actually do it... Well, Jason and Damian are the first and most obvious choices, with Dick following shortly thereafter (particularly since he has already almost succeeded once). I could see Tim trying, but I don't really see him as having a killer instinct. I'm going to go ahead and say it would be the aforementioned three and Bruce himself. If Joker kills Damian, his only true biological son, I could see it pushing him over the edge. The only other I could see that happening with is Dick. If Joker killed Dick, I think Bruce would lose it.

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I voted Huntress.

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I'd imagine Jason, Damian, and Tim wouldn't really have any problems with killing him if he crossed the line too far.

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I voted Jason. Guys been a villain before so he could do it easily.

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I went for Jason.

I was torn between him and Dick but then I remembered, Dick would never actually issue the final blow and would just ship Joker to Arkham city. Jason would go the whole ten yards and probably post his remains first class to Bruce to prove a point.

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In the New 52 anyway I think Damian over Jason Todd I get the feeling that New 52 Jason on some level accepts Batman's logic regarding Joker while Damian I think out of some kind of loyalty to his father or to save his father may go too far and kill him. I also think it would provide an interesting story. I'm sure given the chance Jason would still do it but I think it would be easier for New 52 Damian to do it than Jason.

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I can see Jason or Damian killing him pretty easily if he crosses the line.

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i'd love to see stephanie brown as spoiler to return and save bat-family...

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in the new 52,dick seems like a likely candidate for this.....

i was thinking of either jason or dick but we need to to see that joker won't stand there and be like "kill me",

but given the right motivation(death of alfred?)anyone of them might do it...

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true... anyone

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Of this bunch, Jason is most likely to have that willingness. Damian's not far behind. If it is going to happen though, it should be Batman and no one else.

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Red Hood Of course, you know since he's kinda gone off the deep end with Joker killing him and the whole Lazarus pit, then again Damien was raised by the league of shadows and was trained to kill

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If were talking about flat out ability kill and the willingness to do so, then I would have to say Damien followed by Jason. I would love to think that Tim would be the only one who could outwit the Joker, but Tim is so screwed up in the New 52 I don't know what to think.

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Who would kill him? I would say Damian is most likely, then Jason.

But they can all take him on and beat him.

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