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So I am completely new to comic reading and collecting. The most I have done is watch a few movies. Anyways I heard you could start anywhere as long as it is the first in the arc. So I ordered this Detective 719 because it is the first in an arc. I wanted to start with the new 52 but since I have to order off amazon at the moment I wanted to get some cheap ones (since i dont have alot). If there is a better place to start please let me know. Also, I am interested in Cap America but this obviously is the wrong subforum

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Batman Year One (Graphic Novel) for Batman and for Captain America try Marvel Essential Captain America Vol. 1 (Omnibus).

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So what does omnibus mean? Also a graphic novel is just a book of the whole series right?

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It basically a collection of comics in the form of one book. Sometimes a graphic novel is standalone from a series, that's what makes it different from an Omnibus. An omnibus is like I said a collection from the series. In this case Vol. 1 is the first Tales of Suspense and Captain America comics that include Captain America.

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Here what I told another person who recently asked something similar to me in a PM. He said he's ok with reading a large amount and only with people like that do I really recommend the following post but here it is... Hope this helps

The easiest thing to do is find a few torrents and DL them as you aren't going to get everything unless you do that since all the various services don't have all the books. One of the things that I figured out is what is and isn't canon which tosses out a few series, happily, and adds series that some people don't know as canon. Also to get the full story in some cases you have to read some non-Batman related stuff. Now on to what I remember that to read what i have read... Because these aren't in a particular order just read them according to their publish date. Also you might want to try to go through some of these titles because Batman titles in the 90s 1 came out each week and a lot of times they interlinked and happened in order of when they came out so you have to switch between the titles rather than just reading them straight through. I ended up reading them 1 year of each series and then switched to the next, unless there is a major arc in it.

Crisis on Infinite Earth... read it first and just get it out of the way.

Batman vol1 404+ (That's Year One's first issue) &0

Batman - Arkham Asylum Tales Of Madness

Batman - Bane

Batman - Bane of the Demon

Batman - Battle for the Cowl (might be hard to get all the issues due to naming scheme is a bit confusing)

Batman - Blackgate Isle of Men

Batman - Gates of Gotham

Batman - Gotham Knights

Batman - Huntress/Spoiler

Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman - No Man's Land (incredibly hard to find everything of. It is an arc but there is also a special title for it. Work out a read list from the various sites and then find all the files to get the complete story as the compiled collections aren't complete)

Batman - Orphans

Batman - Shadow of the Bat

Batman - Streets of Gotham

Batman - Sword of Azrael

Batman - The Dark Knight vol1

Batman - The Return

Batman - The Return of Bruce Wayne

Batman - Vengeance of Bane

Batman and Robin vol1

Batman and the Outsiders

Batman Chronicles

Batman, Inc vol1

The Killing Joke


Batgirl Year One

Batgirl vol1-3

Batwoman vol1

Birds of Prey vol1&2

Bruce Wayne - The Road Home

Catwoman vol2&3

History of the DC Universe

Zero Hour

The Final Night (it's not very good but provides some good scenes explains happenings in other series that are sorta important)

Identity Crisis

Countdown to Infinite Crisis

The OMAC Project

Villains United

Infinite Crisis


World War III

Countdown to Final Crisis

Final Crisis

Blackest Night

Brightest Day


DC Universe Legacies

Detective Comics vol1 572+ &0

Gotham Central

Gotham City Sirens

Harley Quinn

Nightwing vol1&2

Oracle - The Cure

Red Robin

Robin vol1, 2, 3, &4

Showcase (only some of them. Look at whats in them before reading them)


Teen Titans vol3

Young Justice

While it is not necessary to read all this it is, for the most part an extremely good read as for the most part Batman titles tend to have the best writers. Also. I personally love and rank the Robin(& Red Robin), Batgirl, Young Justice, and Birds of Prey among the best. No Man's Land may be a bit tedious to figure it all out how it goes together even if you read it all through publication date but it is well worth reading through the 120 or so issues that make it up and not the abridged versions, as well as the arcs, Contagion and Cataclysm, leading up to it.

You might also want to read Green Lantern stuff because Final Night, Brightest Day, Blackest Night, and Zero Hour deal with him. In which case...

Emerald Dawn I & II


Green Lantern vol3 48-55 &0 vol4 21+ (and Larfleeze Chrstmas Special for the laughs)

Green Lantern Corps vol2 14+, Recharge, Sinestro Corps Special

Green Lantern: Emerald Warrior

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corp Secret Files

War of the Green Lanterns - Aftermath

Have fun ^.^

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Thanks for all of this. I will most definetly make an attempt to read all of it. I never really thought of torrents tbh. Those will be a great starting spot

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Detective comics number 27

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@xxBryce10xx: try year one, long halloween, dark victory and hush

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