When does Batman sleep?

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I mean I have panels where he gets up earlier to train but stays up late solving crimes. He sometimes also works as Batman during the day and still needs to do his "Bruce Wayne" stuff during the day. When does he ever get any sleep?

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Lets be honest here, in real life even the healthiest human would die on Batman's sleep schedule alone

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I figured that before patrols, he'll show up at a nighclub, gala, or formal affair, pretend to get/be whiteboy-chocolate wasted, and slip away. That way, he appears to have a social life and no one questions why the hungover playboy with a BAC of 190 proof is rarely seen at all in the daylight. He probably has a schedule of activity-brief rest-activity-brief rest. One of my professors used to be an overnight personal gaurd. He said his team used to rotate 30 minute naps every five hours. They'd never get wake up groggy or feel tired, apparently.

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@joshmightbe said:

Lets be honest here, in real life even the healthiest human would die on Batman's sleep schedule alone

Batman has a sleep schedule? Even by comic standards, he really should be dead or at the very least very very very drained of energy. I mean...I guess you could say he takes pills or does something else, but then that isn't exactly healthy for a person's body either. I know, I know, its all comic logic...but even so at times its like "What?"
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I thought he had some deal where he would meditate for a hour or so and it'd be like getting a full nights rest. I remember reading something like that in the novelization of Knightfall back in the day/

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Look at this fool.

The man literally won't even sleep when he's dead.

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@Wolfrazer: Have you seen the thing about his work out routine? Its insane to believe anyone who wasn't super human would have the energy to walk afterward let alone fight crime

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when alfred forces him

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Batman doesn't sleep. He just waits.

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This is Batman's sleep routine...

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@TheBane2890: Is...Is that even a real thing? If so I so got to learn that.

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Batman doesn't need to sleep because VENGEANCE keeps him energized.

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@kgb725 said:

when alfred forces him

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When his mom kisses him goodnight

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@MrShway88 said:

@TheBane2890: Is...Is that even a real thing? If so I so got to learn that.

It is, but it's hell adjusting to it, and not everyone can. I've done it for a short period, and know 3 or 4 other people that did too.

And let's not forget, that occasionally, he gets a nice recharge period when he's knocked out for 2 or 3 days.

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Well, there was an issue of Morrison's Batman that depicted Bruce's schedule as this: At 3pm he's still asleep, at five he's working out, at seven he has dinner, and at nine he works on modifying his cowl.

I think that Bruce is constantly training to keep himself at the peak of humanity, so he probably has a higher degree of endurance and fatigue resistance then the average Joe. Plus, as aforementioned, he has his VENGEANCE to drive him!

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He doesn't , that's his superpower. He doesn't want to reveal his meta human status
and make the rest of the BatFamily feel bad.

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How else would you explain him knowing 127 forms of martial arts and only be 35 ? In addition to the fact he didn't start his quest to be the Bat until he was 10.

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I don't know how you view the frequency of story arcs in the Batman universe but I always thought of them as being a while apart. For Instance The Owls arc and DOTF happened, in my head, several weeks, months apart, and in between things were relatively quiet, so his body has time to heal and he has time to hone his skills and sleep. Just some justifying internal logic.

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Superman doesn't need to sleep so why should Batman have to?


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During the day

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@WaveMotionCannon: thats a good explanation.

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Probably never because crime constantly happening in Gotham.

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@TheBane2890 said:

This is Batman's sleep routine...

I also read another issue where he learned meditation techniques that allow him to sleep a full nights rest within one hour.

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