What's wrong with an older Batman?

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Part of the reason for the reboot was that the previous timeline made Batman kind of old. Factor in Bruce's time with each Robin, his solo years, recovering from Bane breaking his back, dying in after final crisis, and the amount of training he had in the beginning; Bruce would be at least in his late 30s in the "current" timeline. The Reboot puts him in his early 30s. My question is, however, what's wrong with an old(er) Batman? It makes more sense that an older bats would have a part in the trinity along side Wondy and Supes, because his experience makes up for what he lacks in power. They could have kept the seven year timeline and left Bruce (and the Batman series) alone. What do you all think? Does Batman need to be younger?

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Absolutely nothing.

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Again, Nothing wrong with an older batman.

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DC Editorial. They should just let Scott Synder do w/e he wants. Especially after Court of Owls.

#5 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheCrowbar: not after that piss-poor ending

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Hmm..for me a young Bruce is the best..

An older Bruce would be kind of a bad psychological thing for me...in my head I would think he wouldnt be as fit etc.

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@theTimeStreamer: You didn't like the reveal or was there an epilogue issue I missed? I loved it. I loved not knowing if it's true or not.

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I always thought of Bruce being in his early to mid 30's in the pre 52 anyway

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@TheCrowbar: the reveal was meh. the battle between them thats what pissed me off. i know batman has PIS coming out of every oriffice but he should have died or not been able to do 80% of the things he did in the issue. too much.

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@TheCrowbar said:

DC Editorial.

They are cancerous, and for some reason they hate cass & steph

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I like it when they don't really focus on the ages of the characters. It makes it easier on characters whose stories have been going on for 70+ years to never give specific time frames (such as rather than having an issue flashback say "6 years ago..." just say "Years ago...").

I always imagine Batman to be early 30's-ish when it comes to physique but I don't really try to account for the timeline so long as the stories are good.

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With amount of things he has done and has been through allot so 40 or more sounds more possible.

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@davelecave said:

Absolutely nothing.


Dark Knight Returns is considered one of the best Batman stories, and it stars an older Batman.

Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight rises both also feature a Bruce Wayne towards the end of his career. Batman is one of the most versatile concepts in comics, and can "work" in so many ways.

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What's appealing about a younger Batman is that he can make mistakes. Sometimes he fumbles through things a little. He hasn't reached that "Bat-God" level of badass that we see in Batman R.I.P., or even Court of Cowls. Interestingly enough, I think the same thing made Dick Grayson an interesting Batman. The guy just isn't a Bruce Wayne. One thing that bums me about the reboot is that we don't get to see Grayson in that role anything. I think there was a lot of juice left in that.

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@danhimself said:

I always thought of Bruce being in his early to mid 30's in the pre 52 anyway

By the time it was all said and done, he was probably pushing 40 since you have to factor in the year/year and a half he was dead. Even as an early 30 year old, you could squeeze in the huge beats of his adventures. Have him graduate school early and wander around the world at 16, have come come back at 19 or 20, and have him be Batman for 10-13 years and you can squeeze in every single sidekick and his son with them having a decent period for training and actual adventures.

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So long the story are good I don't care.

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Nothing is wrong with an older Batman.

His age isn't really that important unless you want to get a grasp of how long he has been Batman.

I know in year one he started out as Batman at the age of 25 so I like to think he has been going for at least ten years making him at least 35, that's around the standard age for Batman too.

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