Whats the best Bat Family book?

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so coming out of "Death Of The Family" i find myself itching to read another Bat Family book. i read Scott Snyder's Batman and the new Talon book. whats the best Bat Family book that isn't one of those? is it Batgirl? Batman And Robin? Red Hood and the Outlaws? Nightwing?

any suggestions?

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I definitely say Batman and Robin. It went through a rough patch a few issues ago but it has really improved. Nightwing is a close second. I also read Teen Titans and Red Hood but thats mostly a guilty pleasure. They arent terrible but they are far from great. I still enjoy them though. Probably because I'm a Batgeek.

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Yeah Batman and Robin would be my selection. Detective Comics has also gotten better with Layman on it. I would suggest getting the first trade of Batman and Robin and picking up the annual that came out recently.

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Hmmm. After thinking for a minute I'd have to agree with the previous posters. Now that the familial aspect of Bruce and Damian is being more focused on, the book is, surprise surprise, more compelling. At least it was a month ago (I've not read books in that long :-( ).

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anything but RHaTO

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