What's your favourite Batman version(s)?

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It could be from any universe,storyline,video game,cartoon and movie.

Mine are:

(My favourite): Earth-31 Batman (From the Batman Year One,All-Star Batman and Dark Knight Returns).

(My second favourite) :Arkham Asylum/City Batman

(My third favourite): New 52 Batman


Earth-31 Batman: He is an entirely different Batman figure.I mean he is not the common Batman we all know.He is more cruel and raw and uses more savage tactics against the criminals he faces.He is cheeky and arrogant,but he is smart enough to not let it get into his head.All Miller's Batman books look more realistic and serious than the others and they are clearly for more mature readers.Even though he appears to have no feelings,he cares for his people related to him.In one word,he is just badass.....Thank you,Frank Miller.

Arkham Batman: This version of Batman is more distant and lonely.He seems to be uware of that though.In the games he looks like he is untouchable.Unbeatable.Even his worst villains who came up with the greastest plans failed to stop him.They poisoned him,spayed him with fear toxin,threaten him and him family,send hordes of minions his way and killed his beloved Talia.And yet they couldn't stop him.He didn't give up.He never will.He is the Batman.

New 52 Batman: A modern version of Batman who goes with the current era.The era of mass information and technology.His stories are mature and the art is brilliant.He really has no flaws at all.Great work DC!

I would appreciate it if you gave reasons about your choices. Thank you.

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1. pre 52 batman: there's really no need to say much here, this is the ultimate batman version since he did all kinds of things here

2. Earth 31 batman: this version of batman is very dark, it's also very famous since he's beaten superman two times while being old, though he was old he was unbeatable and badass, he accomplishes his mission with whatever it takes, and he always had a plan

3. Arkham Batman: the games were very enjoyable and so was batman, in AC though he was poisoned from the beginning it didn't matter to him, he was still unbeatable, he survived all kinds of sh*t, beating grundy, ,mr. freezeRa's and even clayface despite being in a near death condition, his fighting style was the best ive seen in any game so far, i never got bored of it.

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First: New 52 Batman.

Second: Arkham Batman.

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@stronger said:

@rolldestroyer: Dude,what's the difference between you and me??:p

the order :)

also i like pre 52 batman more than new 52.

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- I'd have to say Morrison's Batman as a character because even though i hate Morrison through and through, that guy( his Bruce Wayne) was pretty darn competent to say the least. Something that Snyder's Batman is lacking in large amounts.

- After that, i would go with the concept of the New 52 Batman. I like the concept of a modern Batman however, i highly dislike Snyder's Batman for multiple reasons. On the other hand, the Batman of Detective comic has been inconsistent and OK at times, and i don't read that drivel--sorry, i mean book-- called Batman: The Dark Knight.

- Following that concept, i would say the general pre New 52 Batman.

- Then, i would go with Arkham City Batman even though there are some things i dislike about the character as well.

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First-New 52

Second pre 52

Third Arkhamverse

Fourth Timmverse

Fifth Millerverse

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1. Batman: The Animated Series (and especially Mask of the Phantasm) - this is how I got started on Batman as a kid. Still my favorite animated show of all time. So many amazing episodes. And Kevin Conroy being awesome as Batman.

2. The Long Halloween/Dark Victory - these were how I really got into comic reading, and remain my favorite graphic novels/storylines of all time

3. Arkham Series - perfect example of how the realism and fantasy elements of Batman can be combined, and also let the player truly be Batman

4. The Dark Knight Trilogy - say what you will of Christian Bale's increasingly deteriorating Batman voice, I love his take on the character, and Nolan's take on that world (in an uncommon opinion, Batman Begins is my favorite, for being so focused on Batman as a character)

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Sooo. pre 52 ?

2. The Long Halloween/Dark Victory - these were how I really got into comic reading, and remain my favorite graphic novels/storylines of all time

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1. Batman the Animated Series, just pure perfection across the board.

2. Loeb Version, might write the character better than anyone ever has.

3. Snyder Version, might go on to top Loeb down the road. Certainly has had a great start.

4. Michael Keaton, near-perfect blend of brood as Batman and out-goingness as Bruce.

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