What makes Batman an "Anti-Hero"?

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As far as anti-heroes go, I can understand why most people consider Wolverine, the Punisher and Deadpool at the top of their game. They've all had experiences in the past with killing and bloodshed, and have all done things they've regretted, and are even considered mostly dangerous and "bad" by people who work with them. But why is Batman considered an anti-hero? I mean, he's never killed, he does the right thing all the time, he has a great compassion for human life (even though he doesn't show it often.) Is it because he's so dark and unwilling to trust people? You could consider people like Tony Stark or Hank Pym "anti heroes" as they've done things in the past that doesn't exactly make them look too "heroic".

This isn't a thread started for debate reasons, just a curiosity. Thanks!

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I guess it's because of his image, and the way he gets things done. He dresses as a bat. Bats represent evil, and demonic forces. The Batman also is one of the most, if not, the most fearful heroes. He doesn't exactly come of as someone who loves humanity (though he does) His interrogation methods are't exactly 'safe' either. He's always playing the "bad cop," I guess these reasons put together, make him look dark, lethal, and fearful. Thus, making him an "anti-hero."

P.s He's a vigilante, and vigilantism is illegal. So, technically, he's a criminal.

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Dupe thread: http://www.comicvine.com/batman/29-1699/what-makes-batman-an-anti-hero/92-714259/

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And what superhero ISN'T a vigilante?

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